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4 easy steps to plan your trip itinerary

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Customize it

Adjust the agenda to your preferences

Book activities

Make ticket, restaurant and hotel reservations

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How It Works

Discover how to create your trip itinerary in 4 steps

Trip Planner

Let us create your personalized trip itinerary in seconds.

Fill in a few details regarding your trip and personal preferences. We’ll just need to know your destination, dates and the type of your trip. Eventually, we present you a day-by-day vacation itinerary with a fixed schedule. The plan includes all types of travel activities, attractions, restaurants, tours, events as well as your hotel.

Our plan scans and optimizes such details as:

  • Transport Options
  • Opening/closing time of attractions
  • Distance between attractions
  • The best hotel choice (based on your itinerary)
  • Suggested stay duration at every sight

You customize your plan and make it your best fit.

Make necessary changes regarding various features of your plan:

  • Add/Remove any attraction or activity
  • Extend/Shorten the duration
  • Move the attractions along the plan backward or forward
  • Attach notes to every activity on your itinerary
  • Add co-travelers if any
Vacation Planner
Plan a trip

It’s high time to make the bookings of all the activities in your plan.

Book and make reservations for:

  • Tours
  • Events
  • Restaurants
  • Entry tickets
  • Hotels

When you’re done modifying your plan you can download it for offline use.

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Travel itinerary

What our travelers say

Family Trip

Frank Robinson

Family trip

I used TripPlannera to plan our trip to Orlando with my kids. They were very keen to see the Universal Studios and Disneyland. We bought the tickets directly from the website and didn’t have to queue for hours. It was really easy to use, so I didn’t bother myself at all. The children were also pleased, as all their favourite activities were included. Thanks for the great experience.

Group Travel

Linda Bernier

Group travel

I used this trip planner to plan a group tour to London with my marching band. For the majority of us this was our first visit and there was a lot to see. TripPlannera suggested as a plan with a timeline and the top places to visit. We got useful info about the distances and the best transport to use. Overall, we felt that our time was well-managed. Gonna use this app for my upcoming holidays.

Traveling With Friends

Eline Wayne

Traveling with friends

I really loved TripPlannera vacation planner. I traveled with my 2 other friends and we took our trip to Barcelona in the last minute. I never thought that planning could be so fast. What I liked most was that we could make changes to the plan at the same time from different devices. It really made the whole process more funny and engaging. Enjoyed our stay a lot!

Honeymoon Trip

Ann Chung

Honeymoon trip

We went to Paris for honeymoon and I used this itinerary maker to do some planning. Me and my husband were very pleased with the suggested plan. It really counted many minor details. We had some cultural places to visit and were also directed to some great restaurants. We could’ve hardly managed to see so many things without a plan.

Why TripPlannera

Planning your next trip? TripPlannera is the fastest and easiest way to build your perfect itinerary for free. Give your dates and the travel planner will create a day-by-day route in seconds. TripPlannera gives the opportunity to gather all your travel activities in one shelter: your hotel, the attractions you want to visit, the best restaurants and things to do, as well as the top tours and events on your dates. Create plans, book entry tickets, reserve restaurant table, download for offline use and edit plan with co-travelers. You can also modify your plan and add custom activities and notes. Everything is possible on TripPlannera. Save time and enjoy planning your trip with us.

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