Create beautiful trip itineraries and quotes for travelers.

Use our handy trip planning tool, rich database of travel activities and save time for your clients. Deliver an unforgettable experience to your travelers and attain more clients.

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Easy To Use Trip Planner

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Trip Planner

Create beautiful trip itineraries for your clients

Use our Itinerary planning tool to create stunning trip itineraries and quotes for your clients. Easily arrange the trip itinerary with drag and drop, add activities and booking details ,set times, attach files and see on the map.

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Use our plentiful database of places and travel activities

Our engine encompasses a vast database of destinations, attractions, accommodations, restaurants, events and tours. Add any activity to the trip itinerary and get beautiful images and other information added to your plan automatically. Moreover, the tool gives the opportunity to easily build on customized content.

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Vacation Planner
Plan a trip

Create branded itineraries

Add your company name, company logo, email address,official website and phone number to the itinerary before sending to your client. Create a lasting relationship with your customers, help them to spend less time and provide better experience with the smart tool.

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Share with clients,download the PDF version and iCalendar

For your clients to see the trip itinerary, you can send an email or a mobile-friendly web link. Download the PDF of the trip plan with all info included . Your clients can also download the iCalendar file and import to their Google calendar or any other calendar.

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  • Itinerary creation
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  • Best for simply designing trip itinerary
  • Basic+
  • Single agent
  • Your company info on itineraries
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  • Great for travel agencies
  • Starter+
  • Multiple agents
  • Shared trip itineraries between agents
  • Custom places database
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  • Custom features
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  • Custom branded mobile app
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Family Trip

Frank Robinson

Family trip

I used TripPlannera to plan our trip to Orlando with my kids. They were very keen to see the Universal Studios and Disneyland. We bought the tickets directly from the website and didn’t have to queue for hours. It was really easy to use, so I didn’t bother myself at all. The children were also pleased, as all their favourite activities were included. Thanks for the great experience.

Group Travel

Linda Bernier

Group travel

I used this trip planner to plan a group tour to London with my marching band. For the majority of us this was our first visit and there was a lot to see. TripPlannera suggested as a plan with a timeline and the top places to visit. We got useful info about the distances and the best transport to use. Overall, we felt that our time was well-managed. Gonna use this app for my upcoming holidays.

Traveling With Friends

Eline Wayne

Traveling with friends

I really loved TripPlannera vacation planner. I traveled with my 2 other friends and we took our trip to Barcelona in the last minute. I never thought that planning could be so fast. What I liked most was that we could make changes to the plan at the same time from different devices. It really made the whole process more funny and engaging. Enjoyed our stay a lot!

Honeymoon Trip

Ann Chung

Honeymoon trip

We went to Paris for honeymoon and I used this itinerary maker to do some planning. Me and my husband were very pleased with the suggested plan. It really counted many minor details. We had some cultural places to visit and were also directed to some great restaurants. We could’ve hardly managed to see so many things without a plan.

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