Best Paris Restaurants for Family Trip

Paris is a bustling city, always filled with local and tourist crowd. Thus, it is very decisive to plan a deliberate and comprehensive family trip to Paris, so you would not get separated especially toddlers or pre-school children. Discover family friendly restaurants that will fit to your trip.

Family restaurants to visit in 2017

1. Breizh Café – Paris, Le Marais

Breizh Cafe, Breizh Café, Best Family Restaurant in Paris

Breizh Café – La crêpe autrement

For the delicious and original buckwheat pancakes and galettes, a visit to the popular Brittany café is a must. it will likely change your mind towards pancakes as an optional meal. The lovely café used local and original ingredients to make mouth-watering buckwheat galettes filled with caramel and cheese. Famous in kids and adults, the café also has 15 varieties of oysters and artisanal cider. Breizh Cafe is located at 109 Rue Vielle du Temple, Le Marais just in front of Paris Picasso Museum.

For better trip planning check this 6 day Paris itinerary which includes the best crêpes in Paris – Breizh Cafe.

 2. Georges – The Center Pompidou

Georges - Family Trip Restaurant in Paris, Best Restaurants for Family

Georges – Best Family Restaurant in Paris

This spacious café is popular among Parisians and their children. Situated on the rooftop of Pompidou Center, the café presents a colorful and playful sitting with a composed collection of pods in different sizes. Kids will be captivated with amusing design and the long selection of milkshakes in the menu. It’s a great part of your Family trip.

3. Rosa Bonheur – Parc des Buttes Chaumont

Rosa Bonheur - Best Family Restaurant in Paris

Rosa Bonheur

This café has a most relaxing feel of dining out while locating near one of the most beautiful parks in Paris. With Basque style menu featured with traditional tapas, the café offers an outside dining at the large and common tables under trees while watching kids running wild in the park.

4. Maria Luisa- 2 Rue Marie et Louise

Maria Lusia - Best Family Restaurant in Paris

Maria Luisa – Italian Pizza

Whether you are a tourist or local, pizza is all times favorite hit meal and the specialty of this café. Located beside the Canal St Martin, this café is an enduring and famous spot for families’ trip. The café has tables inside and outside with authentic Napoletana Pizzas with numerous version on the menu for kids.

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