Pick out the best time to visit Paris

The best time to visit Paris, one of the most magnificent cities in the world, may be different, based on your personal, expectations and preferences. Its numerous epithets, among which are the city of light, culture, and romance, explain why. However, a visit to Paris in different times brings different pros and cons. Therefore, read on to make an informed decision which season is the best for you to pack your things and go to the French capital city.

Paris in the spring – Perfect Blooming Season

Spring is a shoulder season, in Paris and it is a time when the city awakens from a winter slumber. Café terraces line the streets starting from this season and flowers are in full bloom. Therefore, if you are a fan of outdoor activities,  spring is a decent season for a visit. Especially from April, when nicely manicured and verdant greenery alternates with floral paths and bushes in Paris’s marvelous parks and gardens. That is if you don’t mind rain, which tends to occur frequently.

Although you will always see tourists in Paris, the tourist population increases with the arrival of the spring. It means that you will wait longer in lines for entry to popular attractions and be exposed to rising flight and other travel-related fares as the summer season approaches. You might also have trouble to book a hotel room if you don’t make a reservation in a timely fashion.

Average low/high temperatures are 5/12°C (41/54°F) in March, 7/16°C (45/61°F) in April and 11/20°C (52/68°F) in May. Some interesting events taking place in the spring in Paris are the Fitbit Half Marathon, the Saut Hermes and the Saint Patrick’s Day.

Paris in  summer – Best Time for Outdoor Activities

The summertime is the best time for visiting Paris considering the weather conditions. Rainfall averages aren’t especially different compared to the spring, but the weather is stable. Sudden rainfalls are less likely than in  spring, and temperature is pleasant, barely reaching the upper 20s on the Celsius scale. Touring the city parks, gardens and streets are particularly pleasant and the days are long. With the night falling only around 10pm, you have plentiful opportunities for sightseeing, outdoor activities, and excursions. You can also enjoy open-air cinemas throughout Paris.

On the other hand,  summer is the high season in Paris. Travel-related expenses are at their maximum and the top tourist attractions in the city (museums, landmarks, and squares) tend to be very crowded.

Average lows/highs in Paris in the summer are 14/23°C (57/73°F) in June and 16/25°C (61/77°F) in July and August. Some annual events and manifestations you should consider attending are the Bastille Day, the Paris Plages and the Open Air Cinema.

Paris in the fall – Best Time for Romantic Mood

Best Time to Visit Paris: Paris in Fall

Best Time to Visit Paris: Paris in Fall

With the arrival of  fall, tourist crowds and overall travel expenses tend to decline. The weather is still nice at the beginning of the fall and waiting in lines is shorter. Most importantly, you won’t have to wait long for the night to come, which reveals quite a different and romantic side of Paris. Parks and gardens are coated in warm colors, making  fall in the city the most photogenic season. On top of it, it doesn’t rain as frequently as in spring. Therefore, early fall is the best season for visiting Paris to most people. Especially since the temperature averages drop significantly as the winter approaches.

In regard to it, you can expect the following temperature averages in Paris in the fall: low/high temperatures range between 13/21°C (55/70°F) in September, 10/16°C (50/61°F) in October and 6/11°C (43/52°F) in November. Some of the most noteworthy festivals and events taking place in the fall are the European Heritage Days, the Festival d’Automne and the Fete de la Gastronomie.

Paris in winter – Best Time to Enjoy Paris in Privacy

Best Time To Visit Paris, Paris in Winter

Paris in Winter

If there is a low season in Paris, that would be winter. Hotel and flight fares are at their lowest, and tourist crowds are at the minimum. Therefore, the wintertime is the best season for the budget travelers and all those who prioritize touring museums and galleries over outdoor activities. Additionally, if you arrive in Paris in December, you will be amazed by mesmerizing Christmas lights and markets.

In winter, the temperature usually drops to a few degrees on the Celsius scale and it rains rather frequently. It snows rarely in Paris, but when it does, the city is beautiful. Days are short and mostly gloomy. Therefore, prepare a good plan for the evening since most museums and stores close early in the evening all year round in Paris.

During winter, you can count on the following temperature averages in the French capital: lows/highs are usually between 3/8°C (37/46°F) in December, 3/7°C (37/45°F) in January and 3/8°C (37/46°F) in February. As aforementioned, don’t miss Christmas in Paris and consider visiting the Salon du Cheval and the Salon de la Photo, the world’s biggest photography fair.

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