Top 25 Las Vegas Tips & Facts to know before you go

Las Vegas Tips

Las Vegas

Las Vegas tips we are about to classify are the only guide you need to take the best of the city that never sleeps. Once you get through the formalities of booking a ticket and a place to stay here are a few things to keep in mind. It’s no wonder they say – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Right – this is the trip you would want your grandkids to hear all the stories about. Well, not completely all of it – but the big chunk of it at least.

Once your plane lands in the city of neon lights and fabulous nightlife forget everything you have seen in movies and sort out your arrival and schedule. There is where to start.

1. Explore the city!

 Las Vegas: Explore the city

Las Vegas: Explore the city

The best place to start would be to explore the entire place and the strip before actually throwing yourself into the Vegas flow. One of the most reasonable Las Vegas tips would be to know where you are going, to plan your timetable and to be organized. This is a city where you can find yourself a bit lost. Take a map, tour around, mark your desired places to visit and the things to do. That’s when you know you are ready to get that party started.

2. Bring Cash!

Well, this Vegas ATM’s do charge a lot for cash withdrawal unless you are using the one you have the card from. The most crucial of the Las Vegas tips we have is to bring cash. Most of the ATM’s in the city charge over five dollars for each time you withdraw cash from your account. If you are a high roller, this might not bother you much, but for the rest of the visitors, this can be a game-changer.

3. Be prepared to walk… A LOT!

Okay, fine! Of course, you could take a cab. But in case you end up walking to avoid the road traffic it will be long. The walk two blocks down the street is a lot farther than you imagine. It turns out the blocks are dispersed pretty far from one another and you will have to walk for about twenty minutes to half an hour to get to another hotel from where you are staying. The Las Vegas Tips we compiled include a crucial one. That would be the following. Make sure to pack your Nikes or those flats you completely forgot are at the bottom of your closet.

4. Keep your eyes open for Art!

Most visitors go to have fun in the booming city, to gamble and to party. That is more than welcome. Moreover, there are a great number of entertainment destinations for you to fulfill your deepest desires. Yet to explore the city a bit before getting all tied up in that casino bar. There is beautiful art all around you. There are masterpieces on the streets and in front of the notable hotels. The Cosmo and Bellagio, for one, have their own galleries with collections that get there from all around the globe.

Fiori di Como

Fiori di Como

5. Watch out for Cigarette Smoke.

Since all casinos allow the guests to smoke inside, for nonsmokers the smoke might be not very pleasant. They usually cover it with their signature scents. The Las Vegas tips we have suggest you book a room in a non-gaming place if you are sensitive to smoke.

6.Great places to grab a bite.

Whether you are a foodie or not Vegas will be your favorite due to the great number of restaurants with delicious dishes. Who would think this is the city you could finally take a bite of the best pizza you have ever tried. Besides, most hotel restaurants offer their special courses. You can totally reserve a table for a fancy dinner or stop by that bar you’ve seen on the road for a quick drink.

7. Men have to buy tickets for clubs.

Even though this is a top bachelor party destination, men cannot enter clubs without purchasing tickets, reserving a table or bottle service. The same does not apply to couples or women though. Therefore, if you are having the all guys night out make sure to keep your wallets ready to get the tickets out of the way. Ladies, will probably just have to be their charming self to get in!

8. Downtown Las Vegas is a “must see”!

It is always nice to take a day off from the booming nightlife and the luxurious strip. Downtown Las Vegas is the place to be when you finally do. A good one of our Las Vegas tips would be to explore this magnificent city from a different perspective. Go see the Mob Museum and the remains of the old Las Vegas.

9. Do not buy drinks in the casinos.

So, you have to promise us not to buy drinks in the casinos. Since we have one of the best Las Vegas tips. Whatever game you are playing keep on doing that till the waitress approaches you with the cocktails. Cool, right? You don’t even have to go get it yourself. Just wait, there is more – you won’t even have to pay for it.

10. Pack that jacket with your camera and the ID!

The ID and the camera are obligatory for every tourist. The first to stay out of trouble and get into bars and clubs without much fuss. The second is a must for capturing the best memories from your trip. The Light Jacket, however, will come in handy when you are inside the casinos or the hotel lobbies. The air con in those establishments makes the atmosphere dry and chilly. Who would want to catch a cold on the first day of a vacation in that boiling hot city?

11. Take gambling lessons!

IT goes without saying that every traveler visiting Vegas wants to leave the city as a winner. Well, that means you have to gain a bit of practice before getting starting. On the other hand, you will get a first-hand experience of knowing whether gambling is your thing.

This is not a must but you might wanna sign up for player’s clubs in casino’s for discounts on the rest of the attractions the place offers. The shows and the restaurant s are among those. if you are a there mainly for gambling make sure to get a player’s card though. You might end up getting so many points on that card that your next trip to Vegas won’t cost you much.

13. Watch out for Rush Hours!

The dinner time is the worse time to take a cab to get from one place to another. The traffic will be terrible. Besides, most restaurants will be overbooked. You don’t want to walk around for two hours down the street and not find a place to grab a bite. Reserve a table before 6:00 pm or after 8:00 pm. The roads will be fine and the buffets would be a mess.

14. Book a cab in advance.

The city is in endless motion. To get to your destination on time make sure to get a cab 30 minutes in advance. In case you intend to catch one on your way, leave your hotel much earlier to allow some waiting time for your taxi to arrive. Sure, you could share a ride with the others from your crew not to end up having the cab issue but do plan this a bit earlier.

15. Ask for taking away drinks.

Vegas is one of those places you are going to like before even getting there. Most of the restaurants and the bars have a policy of allowing the customers take the drink with them if they haven’t finished it. Oh, well. Why not? Just ask the waiter to pour it in a disposable cup for you. Your day could not get any better – we know!

Alright, if you have all of these classified above scribbled on your to-do list, you are half way there to being ready. Let’s recap, the hotel is booked, the cab situation is sorted. You packed your sneakers and got some cash in your wallet. Oh, and the camera along with that jacket and the passport packed in your carry on!

Las Vegas Facts

We are not done yet. How about a bit of background? We have a list of Las Vegas Fact to add to your list. One has to know what to expect when the city of night lights and neon signs is right before their eyes.

  1. The famous Las Vegas Strip is not actually within the borders of the city. It is in Clark County right outside of the city.
  2. Over 40 million people visit the splendid city. Congratulations, you are about to add to the list of the lucky ones!
  3. We talked about food but missed a detail – Las Vegas is in top 10 places in the world that offers great food.
  4. Las Vegas hosts over 20 thousands conventions each year. Fancy witnessing one?
  5. The Smith Center for the Performing Arts in Vegas is the 10th best theatre venue in the world. The ranking is based on the ticket sales.
  6. Stratosphere (1,149 feet) is the highest observation tower in the whole of the United States. The view from here is unbelievable.
  7. A fun fact – The Nevada Statehood legalized gambling in Vegas in 1931.
  8. Are you ready for this one – the city is the brightest spot on Earth. Credit goes to those millions of lights.
  9. Las Vegas houses 20 of the largest hotel complexes in the entire world.
  10. And last, but not least, the city houses over 150 casinos and about 150,000 hotels.

One of the most important Las Vegas Tips would be to explore your options wisely. The selection is too good to be true. To get it all sorted out in minutes only, you can always turn to our Las Vegas Trip Planner for help.


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