Best Long haul flight tips

Only the idea of a long haul flight and the image of you, spending so much time on a tiny cabin seat, seems to be a real nightmare.  You are ~13km high from civilization and no matter what’s the purpose of your flight, what is waiting for you on the other side of the planet, long haul flight is always stressful Sounds familiar? Then check the long haul flight tips,  we prepared for, they will ease your air journey

1.Choose the right airline and seat:

 A long haul flight is physically, psychologically and financially depressing. The best step to overcoming this depression is preparing for it properly.

Don’t choose the first airline you see, don’t choose the cheapest one, or the one, that you hear for the first time about.  Do a research, check what the ticket price includes, make sure that the meal, the entertainment, and comfort is respectable Check out all the details:  a simple extra pillow or blanket, is actually important while having a long-haul flight. Better to pay a little more money and have more comfort.  Here you can find the best airlines and choose your ticket.

The next important step is choosing a right seat. Be capricious in this case. Avoiding middle seats is an internationally recognized trick. 15-25 seats are the preferable seats among those, who fly often.

Long haul flight tips: Airlines

Airline alternatives

2. Get ready for the flight: 

Now you picked a good ticket. What’s next? Of course getting ready yourself. You’ll  hardly see high hills or suits in any cabin, but when it comes to the long flights, you should choose your outfit more carefully.  Take into account that you’ll take the shoes off, walk in a cabin. Sandals and sports shoes are the best, depending on the weather. Probably it will be chilly inside the plain, so take an extra jacket with you.

Long Haul Flight Tips: Traveling outfit

Traveling outfit

3. Stuff to take in the hand luggage: 

When you got your outfit,  it’s time for choosing the stuff you’ll take with you. Don’t take too many things, they’ll be placed under your seat, in your hands or next to you, and will surely cut your space and legroom.

Here is the list of stuff you should take.

  • Hygiene items /napkins, antibacterial creams, antiperspirant/
  • Eyemask. It will help you to relax, and after a long sleep, your face will still look fine.
  • Extra T-shirt or blouse. Changing them during a long flight will refresh you.
  • Fully charged laptop, Phone and/or tablet. With them, the great part of your time in a plane will fly.
  • Power bank. They are the second life for your device. When your gadget is out of charge, the power bank is irreplaceable․ The mini power bank will give an extra 2-3 hours life to your gadgets, the others have 4-5 hours charging power.
  • Headphones You’ll find them in the airplane, but not always in a good state.
  • New books,  fresh magazines, and crosswords. You can spend half of your flight on them. It’s an excellent method to survive a long-haul flight.  Check this list and take the book closer to your preferences.
Long Haul Flight Tips: Stuff to take

Stuff to take to the cabin

4. Entertain yourself:     

The gadgets that you took with you will not be useful if they don’t contain the right content. You don’t have the internet in the plain, so your choice is limited. Download a big number of relaxing songs, make a playlist of your favorite ones, prepare a movie and TV show list. Movies can be both new, for a fresh experience, and old, beloved ones, for guaranteed effect. You can find some good movies here.

Long Haul Flight Tips: Airplane screen

Airplane screen

5.Bring some snacks: 

We all stood in front of the food desk in the airport staring at the great variety of food,  trying to decide quickly what to take. Here are some suggestions for you, which are light, tasty and easy to take.

  • Fresh fruits
  • Dried fruits
  • Beef jerky
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Sweets and chocolate
  • Cookies
  • Chips
  • Sandwiches
Long Haul Flight Tips: Traveling snacks

Traveling snacks

6.Drink much water:

You’re going to be in the sky for quite a long time. That’s a great challenge for your body. It gets dehydrated under big pressure, and soon you feel irritated and weak. Help your body to survive, drink as much as you can.  Never be shy to ask water too many times.

Long Haul Flight Tips: Drink Water

Drink Water

7. Get secured:

When you’re  on the airplane, be careful with your wallet, gadgets and other valuable things. It’s       a long flight, and you’ll walk, go far from your seat or fall asleep. Many people wait for that to steal something.

Long Haul Flight Tips: Airplane cabin

Airplane cabin

 8.Have a short walk: 

Sitting more than 10 hours will be tiresome and unhealthy, no matter what you are busy with.  Take a short walk along the cabin from time to time. Stand or walk at least for 5-10 minutes every 3-4 hours.      Maybe during the walk, you’ll get to know the other passengers and have interesting discussions.

Long Haul Flight Tips: Cabin

People in Cabin

9. Try to sleep for few hours:

It will decrease the time of flight and will help you to take the voyage easy. If you have difficulties with sleeping, you can use pills, sold at the pharmacies or appointed by your doctor. Note, some of these pills have opposite effect. Try them 2-3 days before the flight. Otherwise, it’s possible, that you’ll stay awake the whole flight, staring at the walls and window.

Long Haul Flight Tips: Sleeping passenger

Get some sleep

10. Make friends with the stewardesses/stewards?  

Remember,  in the case of any problem or question they are there to help and support you, this is the work of stewardesses. You can ask them to change your seat, to alarm the passenger whose behavior is not proper to ethics, or bothers you, and you can request for an extra blanket or pillow. Avoid conflicts with them.  Be sure they will do anything to satisfy your needs.


Long Haul Flight tips: A stewardess

A stewardess

These tips will make your long haul boring flights easy and pleasing,  use them and have a nice flight.

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