Paris Disneyland Tips, Facts and Secrets before you go

Is there a better place to regain your childhood then Disneyland? The theme park of tales is a must-see for everyone, who has ever dreamed of wonderland or wants to give unforgettable emotions to his child. And to make your day in Disneyland perfect, plan it with the help of these tips.

Visiting Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

Paris Disneyland Tips

Tip1. Try to wake up your inner child: Before your visit, prepare yourself. Control yourself every time your child gives a cry of happiness seeing favorite hero. Try to understand every childish thing gifting a pleasant time to your children.

Disneyland Paris Tips

Disneyland Paris Attractions


Tip2. Before your visit make a must-see list: The territory is huge, activities are diverse; take into consideration your family preferences taste and make your itinerary based on those things.

Tip3. Take some snacks or other things to eat and drink: Food price is always expensive in theme parks. So, Disney is not an exception. Save, money for other things, be on a safe side.

Tip4. Don’t forget your charger or batteries: Disney is a place, where you can’t help taking photos. So, try to be well packed.

Tip5. For selfie makers: Sadly, you are not allowed to use selfie sticks. There are special metal detectors and security that will check you before your entrance.

Disneyland Paris Hotel, Disneyland Paris Tips

Disneyland Paris Hotel


Tip6. Use “Baby switch” card: If you have a kid, it will be useful for you, as it gives an opportunity to queue up one of the parents (or adults)  while the other takes care for the kid. The other parent is allowed to re-enter the park.

Tip7. Use Disney Paris Fast-pass: It will release you from standing in line for a long time. For getting more information, check the list.

Tip8. Special assistance: For those with fewer opportunities will be better to know what kind of help can be found beforehand.

Tip9. Take a Disney Character cloth with you

Want to save money? If yes, take a special cloth with a picture of your child’s favorite character. Don’t forget you are in Disney, where you can’t avoid wasting money. My advice: buy a cloth secretly and surprise your lovely kid.

Working Hours

Tip10. Check the timeline before visiting

  • Disney Park: 10:00 – 22:00
  • Disney Studio Park: 10:00 – 18:00
  • Autopia- earlier than 10 am, if it is in your “must see line”, try to be there at 9:30
  • Frontierland- 10am
  • Extra Magic (early) Hour- 8:00-10:00, but it is available for those who stays in the Disney Hotel

Some secrets for visiting the Disney Park

  • Dapper Dan has a mirror outside which will “do a funny makeup” by drawing a beard on your face
  • There is an old phone in the first store to your right on Main Street, where picking up the phone can be heard a women talk
  • Evil Queen appears in the window on the outside of the Snow White ride
  • Going down the Main street, a dentist drill can be heard
  • There are ornamental snails in the castle

Interesting facts about Disney

  1. The Park’s original name wasn’t  “Disneyland Paris”. It was originally called “Euro Disney”.
  2. During the construction phase, 120 million cubic meters of earth were moved and 710,000 m² of buildings and 51 km of roads were built.  3,000,000 m² of earth were used to create the hill that lines of Disneyland Park.
  3. In 1944  George W. Bush and French President Francois Mitterrand had a lunch at the Cinderella’s Inn restaurants.
  4. It is not only a place for kids. The oldest visitor of the Park was the 106 years old.
  5. There are 450 green parts in the Park
  6. Each year 4 million hamburgers and 6 million liters of Coca-Cola are used while visiting the Park.
  7. Lily’s Boutique in Main street is named after Walt’s wife.

If you are planning a Trip to Paris, this article about Paris Tips, Facts and Secret Things to do is a perfect source of helpful ideas. Check them out for your ideal Paris Trip.

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