Paris Honeymoon: Best Tips and Ideas

Paris has always been one of the most romantic places of the world. Walking around the Louvre,  Notre Dame, and along the River Seine, sitting in the small, cozy cafes, enjoying a croissant and French wine, watching the magnificent lights of the city from above and of course declaring love just on the top of the Eiffel tower are on the to-do list for every couple. And which period is more romantic then honeymoon? We suggest to combine two the most romantic things together and plan your Paris honeymoon.

Paris Honeymoon

Paris Honeymoon

Choose the best time for your Paris Honeymoon

Paris is always the city of love, but it’s not always the best place for the honeymoon.  First of all, take into account the weather. The most popular time to visit Paris is April-July, as the weather during this period is just perfect for the ideal honeymoon. But of course, popular time forces high prices, and there is around 30% difference in high and low seasons. For those who prefer a little breeze, kisses under the rain and coolness, December-March period is a better time. During these months you’ll also find low prices and discounts. Yet, the city is always full of tourists, no matter how cold is the weather or how high are the prices.

Everybody wants his honeymoon to last as long as possible, but the research shows that the best period for the honeymoon is 7-10 days only in Paris and 10-15 days if you want to discover the suburbs or go to the beach. 7-10 days are enough to enjoy the city by all means and not get tired of your honeymoon. It should never become ordinary.

Make your dinner an art

Paris Honeymoon, Dinner in Paris

Dinner in Paris

 Make your dinner an art. Your second important choice will be the dinner.  When you’re on honeymoon, even eating should be romantic and memorable, as every step is a story to tell in future. Don’t stop at the first restaurant, even if you’re too hungry and tired. There are three real Parisian cafes, where you’ll have a dinner like in the movies.  There are at the corner of Saint Germain des Prés, 12 minutes far from Eiffel, Café de Flore, Les Deux-Magots, and Brasserie Lipp are the places you should visit with your beloved. Believe the theory, a long love conversation over a romantic dinner in one of this cafes is fundamental; you’ll feel a magical connection with your half.  Take French national meals for a complete picture. Buckwheat Crêpes,  Soupe à L’oignon, Sole Meunière are good options. Which of these cafes or which meal doesn’t matter. The atmosphere is dreamlike anyway․ The dinner will cost €20-30 per person.

No Honeymoon in Paris without Seine river

After the dinner, you’ll surely need a proper outing around the Seine. The best way to discover the charming beauty of the river is the cruise. Sunset is the perfect time for it. Cruising not only guarantees a great journey on boat, dinner and coffee time but also takes to the main points of the city;  the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Musée d’Orsay, Notre Dame, etc. The view is breathtaking. It’s not so easy,  but try not to waste too much time on selfies. Feel the moment hold each others’ hand and enjoy. There is a great variety of cruises, 1-hour tour is the best combination of price, route and time.

We advise you to purchase the tickets in advance, you can also buy it online. There is a single pass, day pass and two days pass tickets.  A ride price starts from  €14.

Tango on the Seine

Want some unusual experience in Paris? Dancing Tango on the Seine is something typical only for locals. This can be a great final for your cruise trip or a plan for other days of your honeymoon. When the weather is nice,  professional and, never-danced tango lovers gather at amphitheaters in the 5th arrondissement along the Seine and dance till midnight. Dancing here with your beloved will be the best you’ll take from your honeymoon. And even if you are not to dance, never mind,  you can just take a good wine, sit and enjoy the enthusiastic sphere of the city of Lights.

Paris Honeymoon: Seine Cruise

Paris Honeymoon: Seine Cruise

Escape from reality

If you feel like you need to/a run from the city noise and crowd, be far from the real life and find your own corner,  there’s a special place which is an ideal date point in Paris. “Temple of Love” or  “Temple Romantique” will become the place for you two.  It lies on a small island in the Bois de Vincennes, the largest public park in the city. The temple is surrounded by rich nature, and is also a good place for a picnic. Take a small basket with snacks, fruits, and drinks. Run from the city life for a while and seal your love in the Temple of Love.

Until Death us do part

One of the famous romantic points  in Paris is Ponts des Arts, also known as “lovers’ bridge.” There are some traditions here, which every couple should follow. Kissing, making a wish and hanging a padlock on the bridge to strengthen their love. The last one is forbidden now by law, but still, there are people who take a chance to do it. Challenge yourself, take a risk in honor of love, but be careful.

Sweeten yourParis Honeymoon with quality music

Le Caveau des Oubliettes, the oldest jazz club in Paris, has the best live jazz, rock, and blues music every Sunday night. This club is the place to go for those, who are fond of good music and professional musicians. You’ll find covers of Ray Charles Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Sting, Celine Dion, Edith Piaf songs, or band with author’s song. Le Caveau des Oubliettes has a rich menu and interesting interior. The prices are not too high. A glass of wine, for example,  will cost € 7-9.  Be sure to be there before 9. Otherwise, you’ll not find a place to sit.

Night tours for two

After a nice evening, it’s time to go back and have a rest. But wait, but you are in Paris, it’s your honeymoon, and the city gets you crazy burning in lights. One of the best options in this case is a night tour. Book a late-night tour with one of the 2CV tour companies.  A tiny 2CV car with champagne for you and your sweet bird will arrive and arrange the best night time for only two of you. The tour rides you both to the most touristic and popular places and hidden small trails of the city, which only locals may know.

Night in Paris, Honeymoon in Paris, Night tour in Paris

Night in Paris

Photo tours

While discovering the Love City during your honeymoon and enjoying time together, don’t forget, that tomorrow that moment will be a memory, materialized in photos, which you’ll show to your kids. You can ask other tourists to take a photo of you, but don’t hope for good ones. Or you can take a Photo Tour, which will give you photos  as great as your memories are. The professional photographers will take the most romantic and creative photos of your life-long memorable honeymoon. The prices flap € 25-300, you can choose one according to your preference.

Get in the Mood for Paris

 While you’re on honeymoon in Paris don’t forget to adopt the real Parisian lifestyle and spirit. Use more vintage accessories, scarfs, glasses and hats to feel yourself a part of Paris. And a good idea to get the mood for Paris is the world’s best-loved films, which have been set in Paris. Choose the one you like from this list and get in the mood for your honeymoon. The days you’ll spend with your half needs a careful planning and attentive research. Choose the best for your honeymoon and remember: Paris is always a good idea.



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