Paris Tips, Facts and Secret Things

Paris is a city of love and romance. Visiting Paris is on the list of must-do actions for lots of people. It is famous not only for its historical places, wonderful touristic spots, but also famous celebrities (Coco Chanel, Emir Kusturica, Zaz, etc.). But for visiting Paris, you must prepare very well by all means, as you can also see the negative (for example the existence of pickpockets) next to the positive. How to plan a perfect trip? Easy; just check these Paris tips, facts and hidden things before you visit.

Do research before visiting Paris

1. Watch some movies, photos, read some articles before your visit. It will help you to have a slide imaginary about the city.  Check the must-see attractions,  trips and itineraries,  and the pick the best time to visit the city.

Paris Tips


Explore Paris map  

2. This tip will prepare you a little for your trip and will give confidence. Explore Paris on paper, and then you’ll have better ideas about your upcoming traveling. Here is the map for tourists.

Be well prepared before visiting popular destinations

Everyone knows that it’s quite challenging to visit popular tourist destinations because of huge waiting lines. So we highly recommend reading first these Paris Attractions Tips:

3. The Louvre Museum: If you are including this famous Museum into your itinerary, then you may find this article very helpful: Visiting The Louvre Museum: Top Tips and Tricks

4. Climbing The Eiffel Tower is your dream? Discover Tips for Visiting Eiffel Tower in this article:  Complete List of Tips for Visiting Eiffel Tower

5. Orsay Museum is also a popular tourist destination. For taking the most of your visit, check out all you need to know about Orsay Museum before going.

6. The Palace of Versailles is a pearl in French Castles. While planning a visit to this beautiful palace, read these Tips and facts about Versailles.

7. Finally, if you belong to the huge army of Disneyland visitors, would come very handy.

Learn few simple French words

8. Don’t forget you’re in France, where not everyone knows English. Besides this is a simple trick to feel yourself a Parisian. Here is the list of some important words.

  • Bonjour (bon-zhour)- hello
  • Merci (mair-see) – thank you
  • Au revoir ( ou-reu-vwar) – goodbye
  • S’il vous plaît (seel-voo-play) – please

More phrases you can find here.

Paris Tips, Dictionaries


Be armed with the means of communication

9. Try to have a mobile internet. You will need it, to find or check something as you are a foreigner without any experience in the city. Solve a problem with your sim card, to be in touch with others, in emergency cases.  You can buy your sim card online, French mobile is the best place for buying your card, or in the airport.


Means of transport

10. Transport from the airport

Take public transport to and from the airport – From the Charles the Gaulle de airport RER B train into Paris. Ticket price is €9.10 included a transfer into a Metro. Or use Roissybus which works every 15 minutes.

11. Don’t use the taxi. From airport to the city center you need to pay at least € 50.

12. Transport in the city.

The best means of transport in Paris is metro. And if you take the metro, the cheapest way is to use International visitor card. You can buy it in all the stations, airports, bus terminal booths, sales agencies.  More about the prices and terms here. But if you want to see the lifestyle and aliveness of Paris, use buses. The bus 69, for example,  goes by many major attractions of the city.

Paris Tips, Sightseeing bus

Paris Tips: Sightseeing bus

Be clever, take a “museum pass”

13. Being in Paris and not visiting Louvre, d’Orsay Museums, The Notre Dame, and Arc de Triomphe would be a big mistake. Visit all these attractions and more for free with the museum pass.  You will release yourself from standing in a long line and will save some money. 

Make savings on water and wifi

14. These two things you can find for free. There are lots of fountains in Paris. Drink water or fill your bottles from there. And free wifi access is also not a deficit.


Where to stay

15. If you visit  Paris with group better to rent a house. It is cheaper, and besides that, it’s a great chance to spend much time with locals and get some local secret from them.

16. Paris is also rich with cheap hotels and hostels. And they mainly have good service. Chose one of them and save money to spend on the other things.

Here is the list of some hotels and hostels.

Where to eat

17. Don’t have breakfast in hotels. They suggest a simple breakfast with the costs, which are not simple at all.  That’s why eat somewhere out, where the cost is much more convenient.

18. For saving money supermarket or nearest grocery is okay, but the same fast food you can eat in all the other countries. It’s necessary to eat something Parisian. Try to choose a silent and cozy place to enjoy your Parisian mornings.

19. In most Paris restaurants lunch is cheaper than dinner, so if you are looking for something cheap and tasty, lunch is the best variant.  Explore the list of some cheap food place in Paris.

Visiting Paris: Café de Flore

Visiting Paris: Café de Flore

What to wear

20. Among the variety of clothes in your wardrobe, this is the list of must take clothes for your trip.

  • Sandals or some comfortable shoes
  • Jacket or coat
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat or cap
  • Scarf
  • Something elegant
  • Comfortable jeans and pants.

Take your best suit, dress, and shoes with you. You’ll not need it every day, but this is Paris, the center of fashion and trends, so be ready for every occasion. And remember, whatever you wear, try to choose colorful and bright ones. Nevertheless, you’re in Paris.

Beware of pickpockets

21. Beside beautiful places and emotions, Paris is also full of pickpockets. Don’t lose your attention as they are everywhere, especially in the metro and buses.  Don’t let anyone too close; you can never recognize pickpockets from the first sight.  Try not to bring much money or valuable things with you,  leave them in the hotel.  Don’t wear expensive jewelry while walking in the streets. When you are on the metro, bus or train or other,  try to keep your wallet on your front side or hand. Avoid putting money in your back pocket. To read more, see our article Prevent Pickpockets in Big Cities.

Paris Tips: Beware of Pickpokets

Paris Tips: Beware of Pickpockets

Don’t torment yourself

22. As you are going to spend quite a long time wandering the streets, WC is really important. There are easy to find. For more information click here.

Walk around

23. Try to walk as much as possible. It’s a good way of exploring the city by yourself. Plan your itinerary first, decide what will you visit each day, and if you can get there on foot, don’t take any transport. Wondering is the most important point of travelers.  

 Be a sensible photographer

24. Don’t forget your selfie stick, camera, and charger: Paris is a place where you can not avoid taking photos. Maybe it’s your last visit, here. That’s why try to take as much photo as possible.

25. Before taking photo ask for admission: Maybe the cute dogs or nice flowers are not there for you to take a photo. There are also some special places, museums, shops, halls, etc.  where taking photos are forbidden.

Visiting Paris

Visiting Paris

Avoid these

26.  If you have the chance, better avoid:

  • Arriving in high season (June – August)
  • Speaking or laughing loudly in the streets
  • Taking overload bags with you
  • Uncomfortable shoes
  • Touching goods in the supermarkets or markets when you don’t buy
  • Walking in the suburbs of the city alone in the late night

Take something Parisian with you

27. Buy souvenirs, bags, jewelry or symbolic gifts,  which will remind you of your trip. The time will pass and the small item in the corner of your room will always warm you with memories.

Money exchange

28. You can find exchange offices, banks and ATMs everywhere, but for the best result look for ATMs in the territory of the airport. They are most trustful and profitable ones.

Don’t be afraid of being lost

29. Getting lost is a good opportunity to explore Paris on your own experience. Try to walk much, even if you lose your way, Parisians are helpful. They will show you the route you need. Some travelers even challenge themselves and get lost on purpose, in order to have some adventures. 

Discover the boutiques in Paris

30. This Paris tip is for the stylish ones. Even if you are not to buy something, remember that Paris is the capital of fashion. Do some short window shopping. These boutiques are the best ones.  

Visiting Paris: Fashion Boutiques

Visiting Paris: Fashion Boutiques

Useful information for every traveler

31. There are many free classical and jazz concerts at the Maison de Radio France, which is in the 116th Avenue of the Pr. Kennedy. You can check the program list here.

32. Shopping sales – from January to February you can find really big sales.They can be up to 70%

33. Lots of sights are free. Notre Dame Cathedral,  Sacré Coeur, Père Lachaise and other churches, gardens, and cemeteries will cost you nothing at all.

34. Entrance to nightclubs is often free; there is just a dress code, so before going, make sure you are ready for the club.

Secrets places in Paris

35. World oldest court (in the territory of the YMCA hostel), where you can play basketball.

36. Wine yard – (18th arrondissement, right behind the Sacré Coeur) where you can find special types of wine that are not sold in shops.

37. Peach orchards- near the suburb of Montreuil

38. Le Mama Shelter- “a hidden” place, where you can eat tasty dishes, sweets and drink unique cocktails.  From here you can enjoy the wonderful scene of the Le Petite Ceinture (one of the forgotten railroads of Paris).

Head to the terrace on sunny days @ Mama Shelter, Paris

@ Mama Shelter, Paris  Photo Credit:


39. Celebrity cemetery stroll- rather interesting and unique place to walk in silence. Here you can find thumbs of many famous celebrities: Among them are Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde, Chopin, Maria Callas and Marcel Proust

Interesting facts about Paris

40. Paris was originally a Roman City called “Lutetia”.

41. There are 6100 streets in Paris, the shortest one is 5.75 meters Rue des Degrés in the second arrondissement, the longest one is Rue de Vaugirard (4.3km).

42. In total there are 38 cities called Paris across the world from the United States, Sweden to Panama.

43. There are more than 450 parks and gardens in the city, spread out across more than 1200 acres.

44. The Pantheon or “temple of the Republic” was originally a church called the Eglise Sainte- Genevieve built in 1791.

45. If you spend each day of your life in the Paris terraces, which are over 9057, it will take 29.8 years from you.

46. There is a man called Jim Haynes who invites complete strangers to his house in the 14th arrondissement for dinner every Sunday evening.  

47. During the World War 1, the French built a “fake Paris’’ near the city to deceive German pilots.

48. Paris is not the largest French-speaking city. The largest one is the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa.

49. France is the most depressed country. 1 in 5 people has depression here.

50. Louis 19th was a king of France for just  20 minutes.

51. For 214 year it was illegal for women in Paris to wear jeans.

52. Paris is the 5th most expensive city in the world for luxury housing €18,499 per square meter.

53. Paris taxi drivers have to pay nearly  € 240, 000 for their licenses. That’s why there are so few.

54. There are 300.000 dogs in Paris (more than children).

55. The French army is the first who used camouflage.

56. The oldest cafe in, Paris is Le Procope, situated in the 6th arrondissement.  It was founded in 1686.


These Paris tips, facts, and secret things will help you to plan a good trip, but if you want to make it excellent, check out our Paris Trip Planner tool and get the whole package of itineraries, things to do, tours, events and restaurants with you. Make your own complete traveling plan and have a nice trip.

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