Paris Tours: What to know before booking

Planning a trip is always exciting and fun, especially when your trip’s destination is one of the eternal cities in the world, the center of tourism and dream point for any traveler. New places to see, new things to try, new people, to meet and new challenges to face. Planning a trip to Paris is a complex science, as this city never stops surprising the visitors,  and you’ll never completely discover it. How can you plan a visit to such a city and manage to see, feel and experience everything? People who already visited Paris, assure, that it takes minimum 2 weeks, to have a good plan. And nobody has the insurance, that the plan you made, guarantees a comfortable and enjoyable visit. Other options? Sure Paris tours are the solution by all means.


Independent travel vs. Paris tours

Why take a tour and pay for it, if I can plan my trip myself? Ever asked this question t yourself? We know the answer.  Here are the reasons why visiting Paris is much better when you take tours of independent travel.



While planning your trip, you should answer the endless list of questions. Where to start, when to go, what to see, how to go, what to eat…. And these question never get their final answers, because you always change the plans, until you’re there.  Be sure there is nothing more precious than time. Many people simply don’t have time to plan their travel independently, as it requires deep research and tense nerves․ Planning every step, including all must see’s are taking every detail into consideration is a matter of Intelligent and patient practice.

Take the transport as an example: it may turn out, that the schedule of the public transport doesn’t match your plan, and you’ll spend hours on finding a way to get the place you planned.

It’s a real failure, especially when you have more than one plan for a day. You may lose your day and waste time on wandering around.  

Tours also have the option of skipping the line. And instead of standing 3 hours under the sun just for entering, you can get inside of your preferred attraction without any line and queue.

This is the case where guided tours are just perfect. You just choose the one, which fits your wishes and the tours lead you to see as much as possible in a small amount of time.


This is a really important point for travelers. No matter where you are, you’ll enjoy your trip, when you don’t have at least the minimum standards of comfort. Independent trips are not easy-going, you’ll face many problems and challenges you never thought about. Under the risk are especially those, who have just started to make a travel experience. On the other hand, the people, who travel with their family, kids or with bigger groups. Tours, in this case, are a great help. They will help you to get out from the comfort zone without the depression. Slowly you’ll learn from the tours, and use this skills in your independent planning process.

Paris Tours: Eiffel Tower Queue

Paris Tours: Eiffel Tower Queue


When the things come to the safety, nothing can be more important. While traveling, you should pay attention to the safety the most, as tourism and trips have not only fun and benefits, but also danger and disadvantages. Pickpockets, trafficking and much more make the experienced travelers prefer organized guided tours over the independent planning. When you’re with a guide, who knows the city and the attractions as himself, with a big tourists’ group, you are safe that you’ll go to the destination point and come back to your living place without a single worry. The feeling of safety and relax: That’s what makes your trip ideal.  Also, to assure your safety, check out also the ways to avoid the pickpockets while traveling.

4. Costs

You think that taking a tour will be more expensive? A big confusion. Just to be practical. 1-day pass for all means of transport in Paris costs € 12.85, add the  €7-8.5 costs of the Eiffel Tower ticket,  the Seine river cruise, which is  €13-200, or the Louvre museum visit, the average cost of which is €10-15 with a guide. These are just examples. Now check the prices of tours, which include all these attractions, but have sensible prices. The reason is that experienced tour agencies have their agreements with all these attractions. In the end, you don’t pay much more but have a well-organized, interesting and beneficial tour.

5. Trustworthy information

This is probably the point, which combines the whole idea of a tour. Paris is a historical masterpiece. Every street and corner of this city has a great historical and cultural potential, and the endless information on the internet will never give you the right answers to your questions. Visiting the famous monuments, admiring them and taking photos is good, but if you don’t have at least basic information about the place you visit, you’ll never understand the value of the moment and will not fully enjoy your time. Tours are the option, which gives you just the right amount of information, without overloading your brain. The guides that lead you are great experts and know what you need to know. They’ll show you the same thing from a different perspective. And the information you have after the tour, you’d probably get only after days in front of the computer or books.  The vast majority of the Paris tours are guided. You just need to find what you’re interested in.

6.  Meeting interesting people

The tours you take, are chosen not by chance: You chose them according to your taste and preference. And surely, the tour you take will help you to meet people with the same preference. To have a great holiday in Paris, seeing the Eiffel Tower, tasting croissants and visiting the Louvre is not enough. The most important point is the human values, you’ll take with you. That’s why meeting the tourists like you, sharing experience and having unforgettable moments together are a great part of your trip. Let alone the French people, who will join you from different cities and will show you their France. And the country they’ll show you is quite different from the country you see on the internet. So if you want to discover France in a right way, take the chance to meet people in different tours.  Very often the people, who get to know each other during the tour, make best friends, have the fun time together after the tour, make bigger group spend Parisian evenings together. This is a good way not to feel a newcomer in Paris.



The fact that choosing one of the tours is a better decision, than independent planning, if you want to visit Paris. But the question is how to choose the right one among the variety of tours that the internet is full of. Here are some tricks, that will help you to find the tour just for you.

1. The research

The Internet is a free platform; you’ll find tours, trips and information of any kind, quality and cost. Don’t make your decision after watching 2-3 tours. Search for the best option, do your research in different ways, and you’ll find the same tour with lower price, or a better tour with the same price


2. The audience

This is a filter that not everyone pays attention, yet, it really can change the imagination of a tour, in your mind. Make sure that the tour you’re going to take fits you by the audience. Tours are successful when there is at least some balance in age, gender,  interests and status.

3. The group size

Tour companies that take smaller groups are commonly more effective than the ones with bigger and mixed groups. You’ll get more from the trip if you are given Individual attitude. The perfect number is 12-15. The groups can be a bit bigger, depending on the direction.

4. The reputation of the tour agency.

Nowadays it’s not so easy to survive in any business when you have a bad reputation. The options are many, and the agency, that doesn’t meet the tourists’ needs, will sink soon. Simply go to the references, comments or check the stars they have, and you’ll get everything you need. The tourists that used the agency’s service will let you know how was it. Make a decision only after being sure of their reputation.


Book the best sightseeing, day tours, night tours, wine tours, food tour, Museum tours and other most interesting tours in Paris here, check them all and take one, to have an unforgettable time in the unforgettable city. The tours are original, different, fun, extraordinary and experienced and will give you the best of Paris for sure.


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