Top 10 Prague Travel Tips and Facts

If you want an overload of aesthetics, and are eager to explore the space of  emperors, authors and artists, Prague is the city you should plan to visit soon. It will justify all your expectations and even more; will give countless impressions.  Lying in the geographical heart of Europe, it catches every visitor and stamps in the memory forever.  Prague truly is a city like no other. For your best travel experience in Czech capital, here are the top 25 Prague travel tips and facts.


1. From the airport to the city

Prague’s Ruzyne Airport (PRG) is almost 20 km from the city center. The ways to get to the town are several, the cheapest among which is to use a public transport.  Take a bus and change to the metro, which will take you wherever you wish.  

Another way is the Mini-bus, which departs from the terminal’s exit E to Námestí Republicky every half hour and costs around 4.5 USD.  

Taxis are also available. They cost around 28 USD, but beware, taxis don’t have a good reputation in Prague.

The airport has also  Prague Airport Shuttle service, which costs the price as taxis.

2. Currency

Czech Republic’s currency is the Koruna, also known as Korun or  CZK. Despite being in European Union, the country doesn’t use euro anywhere and you’ll have problems if you didn’t exchange your money.

Here’s advice; never change your money in the airports. Change it in the exchange offices, which have licensed or in banks. The best way not to be cheated? Use ATM-s. Have your bank card, which you can use abroad, go to the machine and take as much as you need for the next few days. The ATM will give the money in kronas, so you don’t need to change it anymore. 


  • 20 Czech CZK is 1 US Dollar
  • 100 Czech CZK is 5 US Dollars
  • 500 Czech CZK is 25 US Dollars
Prague travel tips

Chezh Koruna

3. Public Transportation

Prague is famous for an excellent and useful public transportation.

Metro, bus, and tram; all of them have high standards and work frequent, regular, interconnected.  You can buy tickets that are valid for 1, 3 or 5 days and use all kinds of public means of transport.  3days pass costs around 12.50 USD.

Note; the ticket control system in Prague is strict, especially for tourists.  You’ll see police asking for a ticket in the public transport very often. So don’t risk to use transport without a ticket.  Always stamp the ticket by the entrance to the metro or in one of the yellow machines in the tram.

Cycling in the city is not a good idea; heavy traffic, the drivers, who are not used to cyclists, and tram rails everywhere, which make cycling risky and uncomfortable.

Of course, you can drive a car.  But the streets in Prague are quite tricky and parking is almost impossible in the center.

4. Weather

Prague is famous for its coolness and cloudy mood. But it’s not always like that; when the Sun decides to greet the guests of the city, the surroundings become just amazing. If you want to catch the Prague Sun, choose the April-August period for your travel. The summer is usually sunny and 20 degrees Celsius.

Despite the rain and the little wind, fall is a real fairy tale in Prague. Colors of Autumn make the city much more catchy.  In Winter it’s -15 but it feels colder, but if you’re not too sensitive to cold, Prague in white, with all the Christmas lights and smells is something to see.

5. What to wear

Prague is hilly so while you may be fine with short sleeves in the Old Town, it can get pretty windy at the Prague Castle. Always have a jacket with you. The weather can change dramatically within minutes.

Finally, do a favor to your legs, wear comfortable shoes. The streets in Prague are all cobblestoned, which means high heels are pointless.

Prague Travel Tips

Prague Travel Tips

6. Eating and Drinking

The favorite one in the list of  Prague travel tips for those, who want to feel the taste of the city. Eating out in Prague is much cheaper than in other European countries. But there’s a trick; go to the non-tourist restaurants. Restaurants in central touristic parts of the city, like Charles Bridge, will take twice as much, just because of the location.

Go a bit further from the center and enjoy a full lunch of pork, sauce, six dumplings and a half liter of beer for just $5 USD. Good options for a cozy atmosphere and real Czech cuisine is the pub called “Lokal”.  Another Czech restaurant with tasty traditional food is “V Kolkovně”, which has mainly Czech clients and high reputation.  Very common Czech dishes are Dumplings with Sauce and Meat, Svickova. Roast Duck and Schnitzel with potato salad.

Note; Ketchup is not free in Czech cafes and restaurants. So when you ask for it, don’t surprise to see an extra price on your final bill.

And of course, Czech bear could not be apart from the Prague travel tips; it is Czech God and pride. There is no nation in the world, which drinks more beer than Czech does. So, the beer is very and has perfect quality. It is sometimes cheaper than water. It costs more or less 1.5 USD. A great place to enjoy Czech beer is “Pivovarsky Dum”.

Czech beer

Czech beer

7. Shopping

Czech is an expensive and cheap country at the same time. That’s why this point is important in the Prague travel tips. Avoid buying useless, expensive souvenirs and crafts from the Old Town and Charles Bridge. Especially when it’s your first days in Prague and you didn’t get used to the currency. You’ll think it’s a small souvenir will not harm your pocket. Well, it will, as you buy it 4-5 times more expensive than it costs actually. Besides that, the majority of the products in these shops are not even close to Prague and Czech culture. Russian Dolls? Arabian scarves? Chinese Crafts? You’ll find everything there. So wait, enjoy the city, watch the shops for several days and you’ll find many interesting and cheap gifts for you and for your loved ones a bit further from the center.

Everything depends on the product you want to buy.  Electronics, for example, is quite expensive, but beer, cigarettes, restaurant food and anything locally made are cheap and accessible.

8.Must see spots

Prague travel tips list will be incomplete without the top sights of the city. Prague is really beautiful and has much to stare at. That’s why it is always full of tourists. Visit the main sights either early in the morning or late at night. there is nothing better than watching the sunrise from the Charles bridge or the sunset over the Prague Castle. You’ll enjoy the most popular spots of the city better and fully if they’re not crowded. The sights which you should visit first are

  • Charles Bridge
  • Old Town
  • Prague Castle
  • Astronomical clock etc.

The complete list of Prague attractions is here.

9. Nightlife

This one from the list of Prague travel tips is for adventurous ones. Prague is the right destination when it comes to nightlife. Amazing architecture, unrepeatable art, and  unique galleries during the daytime, Crazy dances, loud music, a huge amount of drinks, diversity of clubs, bars and strips during the night. Almost all the bars and clubs remain open until early morning. You can dance all night at one of Prague’s many discos and music clubs, have a cocktail or beer at a bar, and enjoy live music of all kinds. Prague can make your night a movie.

Prague nightlife

Prague nightlife

10. Apps for tourists in Prague

The last one in the list of Prague travel tips. These helpful apps will ease your trip and will provide guaranteed information and services.

  • Restu- This is an app which provides a free reservation in the best restaurants of Prague. You’ll get your table within 10 minutes. All the restaurants have ratings so you can orientate easily.
  • Liftago-It is an application of taxi, like Uber, but Czech drivers use it more. The app will show the cost, travel time, driver details.
  • of the best maps app for Prague. It understands non-Czech characters and shows directions, routes, and facilities.
  • Pubtran-This app is for public transport. It identifies your location and shows the closest stop. It will suggest tram, metro, and bus.


Use these Prague travel tips while traveling to Prague and get the maximum from the city of medieval architecture and eternal beauty. Create your perfectly-organized itinerary customized for every traveler and have your luggage ready on Prague is waiting!

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