Prevent pickpockets in big cities

Traveling is the best way to bring a new energy and vibes to your life. Being lost on the roads of a new city full of surprises, making memories all over the world, discovering the unknown corners, enlarge your outlook and feeling yourself a citizen of the Universe: these are all the admiring and attractive properties of traveling. But, unfortunately, the facts that are on the other side of the coin, are quite unpleasant. PICKPOCKETS are on the other side.

Prevent Pickpockets in Big Cities

Prevent Pickpockets in Big Cities

Pickpockets are one of the biggest problems of tourism all over the world. All the big cities and touristic centers are full of pickpockets. The main victims of pickpockets are tourists: the more tourists, the more pickpockets. Top cities in the world struggling with this issue are Barcelona, Rome, Paris, Madrid, Athens, London, Buenos Aires. 

Pickpocketing is everywhere, but in these cities, you should be more careful and attentive.

The problems of pickpockets should never stop you traveling. Just take these advice pieces and be safe.

1. Get comfortable anti-theft accessories

Travel money belts, neck wallets, bra stash, secret pocket accessories, pickpocket proof bags, etc. These are probably the safest way to protect the money and documents.  You can also have a small amount of daily use money in cash in your pocket or in the bag, but everything else should be buried deeper. Some ideas of travel accessories you can find here.

Prevent Pickpockets: Jack Wolfskin Travel Money Belt

Prevent Pickpockets: Jack Wolfskin Travel Money Belt

2. Limit the stuff you take to the tourist attractions

The possibility of being robbed directly depends on the number of things you take while enjoying the city․ Taking much stuff with you will get you in a mess, you’ll not manage to sort everything accurately and not lose anything. You don’t need so much to take. Have your small handbag and the most necessary things. In this way, you’ll be attentive about the stuff you carry and prevent pickpockets targeting you.

3. Take as much as you dare to lose

Every traveler has more money with him, then the citizens, that go to work or the university. That’s why pickpockets love tourists. Keep your money on the credit cards. Even if you lose them, you’ll not lose the money. Take as much, as you’ll spend during the day.

4. Keep your stuff next to you

Taking something from the table or seat and running:  a simple and popular way among pickpockets. Never put your phone on the table while eating in the restaurant, never put your bag and wallet next to you or on the floor to take a picture. Remember, they are almost always around you and notice everything, so better is preventing pickpocketing rather than fighting with its consequences.

5. Don’t trust strangers

You think that you’ll recognize the thief from a first sight? Not at all. Most probably they are accurately dressed, well looking, and charming individuals, and moreover, children, working in pairs or groups. One of them will start an interesting conversation, ask something, suggest taking a photo of you, or help with your heavy luggage like a kind Samaritan. And bam, there it is. No wallet, bag or camera. 

6. Use ATMs carefully

Especially when you’re alone, standing next to the ATM, be attentive. They’ll drop something next to you, to catch your attention just at the moment when ATM is taking the money out. It’s a simple reflex of every human being; you’ll turn around because of the noise you heard and the other one will take your money: a matter of second.

7. Keep away from masses

This is also a good trick of pickpockets. A group of people surrounds you suddenly and starts talking out loud, laughing, and moving in a very active way. If you’re in such kind of mass, know, you’re some seconds far from being theft.

8. Ignore too friendly service workers in the streets

Imagine 2 well-dressed and beautiful girls come and ask to fill the blank of the social query. Believe, your answers don’t interest anyone, and these nice-looking girls are just pickpockets. While you’re reading the question, the “professionals” do their work. This situation is typical to Paris.

9. Don’t have a touristic look

Tourists are the best target group for the pickpockets. That’s why when you’re traveling you don’t need to look like a tourist. Don’t wear shirts with the city symbols or logos and don’t keep the map in your hands all the time.

Prevent Pickpockets: Don't look like a Tourist

Prevent Pickpockets: Don’t look like a Tourist

10. Know the top places the pickpockets’ work

  • Tourist Attractions – Places where tourists don’t have time to look through their stuff, they’re admired with the beautiful sights of the city.
  • Public transport – Here it’s always messy and full of the crowd: easy to choose victims.
  • Restaurants, cafes, bars –While tourists have fun with the family or friends and try the cuisine of a new city, pickpockets take care of the stuff hung on the chair or put on the table.
  • Beaches – The tourists on the beach relax and have s short siesta under the bright Sun. The best conditions for pickpockets.


11. Know pickpocket tricks and tactics

Watch the video to have a complete imagery about the methods of thieves and prevent them effectively.


Preventing Pickpocketing would assume your best trip by keeping you away from bad memories and negative impressions. Have a great trip.

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