Top 35 Singapore Travel Tips and Facts

Singapore is a tiny city-state in Southeast Asia which in a couple of decades became one of the world’s most prosperous countries inviting millions of tourists all over the world. The Lion City is a hub of a dynamic cultural mix featuring a vibrant history and various ethnic spots. Singapore’s modern skyscrapers, elegant hotels, and high-end shopping malls make this tiny island a popular touristic, commercial center. It has so many fascinating attractions that in order to manage to see all of them you should have a detailed planned itinerary. So, check these Singapore travel tips and facts, be aware of the state-specific laws and customs to have a delightful journey without undesirable incidents.



Best Time to Visit

1. Actually, you can visit Singapore at any time of the year, as the seasons do not differ that much. The temperature is between 24 and 30 Celcius all the year. It has a tropical climate. June and July are the warmest months of the year. November and December are rainy months. So, choose your preferred period and visit the Garden City.  

Be Aware of the Duty-Free Rules

2. Alcohol is limited based on what you’re taking. You can never exceed the limit of buying more than one liter of spirits. For example, you can buy either one liter of wine and beer, or two liters of wine and one liter of beer.

3. If you are caught bringing cigarettes and other tobacco products to Singapore from another country you will face heavy fines.

4. Chewing gums must be declared on arrival.

Local Currency, Currency Exchange

5. The local currency is Singaporean dollar (SGD). The currency brought to the city you can change at the banks and exchange outlets. But the rate may significantly differ, compare them before buying your travel money.

Local Laws that Better Be Aware Of

One of the well-known Singapore travel tips is that it has strict local laws that better know beforehand.

6. Chewing gum is banned in Singapore; it can be used only for medical purposes. So, don’t bring more than 2 packets of gum.

7. Any littering is prohibited and carries more than $300 fine and a potential community service.

8. Cross the street where you are supposed to as police often monitor and fine lawbreakers for $15.

9. Having even the lowest amount of drugs with you is a severe crime in Singapore. You can be canned plus fined. While the presence of larger amounts leads to a mandatory death penalty.

10. Smoking is prohibited in certain areas of Singapore, like public places and all the indoor places that are not air-conditioned.

EZ-Link Card vs Singapore Tourist Pass

To save money and make your trip more comfortable explore Singapore travel tips on special city cards- during the visit consider buying EZ-Link Card or a Singapore Tourist Pass. 

11. EZ-Link Card is a smart card that is used to pay transport fees (buses, metro, taxis, and other means). Paying via Ez-Link Card, you will spend less compared with the cash amounts. It can also be used for buying foods and beverages from the appropriate stores and vending machines. The price of the card varies from SGD10 to SGD12, but the card itself costs SGD5, the remaining is a stored value. Check more information regarding the card here

EZ-Link Card Singapore

EZ-Link Card Singapore

12. Singapore Tourist Pass is a cost-effective option if you want to travel a lot in Singapore. There are 3 types of passes which allow you to have unlimited rides on public transport.

  • 1 day pass – cost is $7.29 or SGD10
  • 2 day pass – cost is $11.67 or SGD16
  • 3 day pass – cost is $14.60 or SGD20

Check the places where you can purchase online a tourist pass.

Singapore Travel Tips on Transportation

Singapore travel tips related to the transportation means will help you easily navigate in the city and save some money.

Transportation Means to and from Singapore Changi Airport

13. Changi Airport Taxis

Undoubtedly, taxi is the fastest and most convenient way to travel from the airport to any spot of the city. You will find them at the special stands of the arrival levels of each terminal. Most importantly all the taxis use a meter and do not charge unexpectedly high prices. The ride from the airport to City Hall takes only 20 minutes and costs approximately $14.60 for 19km.

14. Changi Airport Shuttle

Another convenient yet more affordable way of traveling from and to the airport that provides stops to the majority of hotels in central Singapore. It is an especially good option for the solo travelers with light luggage a handbag and a single suitcase. You can also book your seat online. The ticket costs $6.56 for adults and $4.38 for children under 12.

15. MRT (Metro)

The best way to save cost is going to city center by MRT train. The difficult part of using MRT is changing the line. So be attentive not to get confused. At Changi airport, the MRT station is in the basement of Terminal 2. The ticket cost is $1.25 via Ez-Link Card.

16. Limousine and Large Taxis

If you travel to Singapore with your family or a group of travelers, a 7-seater large taxi is a really economical option to take. This type of taxis charge $43.76 per trip, so it is ideal if your hotel is far from the airport. While taking a 4-seater limousine will add comfort to your ride costing $40.12.

17. Public Bus

This mean of transport is quite cheap but is the slowest way to reach the city. Bus fare is SGD2 if you pay in cash or SGD1.35 by EZ-Link Card. However, it will help you travel only 10km.

Getting Around Singapore

18. Train

Singapore’s MRT system is the fastest way to reach your desired location, while the majority of popular attractions are within a walking distance from the stations.

19. Taxi

Taxis are convenient option to take if you want to go places that are not accessible by MRT. Cars are always metered, but there are possible sub-charges depending on the time and location.

20. Bus

Singapore’s bus system covers almost all the places of the city, and it is the most cost-effective transportation mean to get around.

Take into consideration these Singapore travel tips and check more details on prices and schedules of different transportation means to have a comfortable journey.

Singapore is Expensive

21. Arriving in the Lion City, you may be shocked by the prices of things. Museum passes cost around $20, eating and shopping is also expensive. So, do some research before the visit to find the activities that fit your budget. Probably one of the crucial Singapore travel tips that must be taken into account. 

The Best Local Food is in Hawker Centres

22. A precious travel tip for gourmands. Instead of immediately going to fancy restaurants try delicious national food in Hawker Centres. Besides tasting exquisite dishes, you will interact with the local culture and feel the interesting Asian atmosphere.

Tipping is not Necessary

23. In Singapore, the tipping system is a little bit complex. The majority of restaurants charge a 10% service fee and 7% GST (goods and service tax). And after these accusations, additional tipping is not a widespread phenomenon.

Shopping in Singapore

24. If you are purposefully planning to go Singapore and wander in malls, then be aware of the annual GSS (Great Singapore Sale) during May to July: when prices are greatly discounted.

Create a List of Must-See Attractions

25. Here is the list of the most spectacular and interesting attractions of Singapore which every tourist should visit to see the real magic.

Make sure to check the prices, schedules and other details of the attractions in advance to plan a well-organized itinerary.

Singapore Gardens by the Bay

Singapore Gardens by the Bay

Top Interesting Singapore Facts to Know

Along with the essential Singapore travel tips, here are some fascinating facts about the city that will undoubtedly interest you.

26. Though Singapore is also called The Lion City, there has never been lions.

27. On the back of the $1000 Singaporean note is written the national anthem in microtext.

28. There are only three city-states in the world one of which is Singapore, other two-Monaco, Vatican City.

29. There’s a “Hug Me” Coca-Cola Machine.

30. Singapore population has the highest walking speed in the world.

31. Cartoon Network once confused that Singapore is in Malaysia.

32. One of the Michigan’s town also has the name Singapore.

33. The national flower of Singapore was first discovered in 1893 by Armenian.

34. Building in Singapore cannot be higher than 280 meters. Currently, there are three buildings of that height.

35. Besides the main island, Singapore area also includes other 63 tiny islands, which are mainly uninhabited.

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