Travel Accessories for women: Must-Take List

Ever faced the problem “What to take for traveling? I want to take it all.”  Ever thought it’s impossible to be perfectly ready for the trip? Planning a comfortable and productive journey is a skill, having a compact and useful suitcase, which contains everything you need, is about an experience. Here you are to discover the must-take travel accessories for women and have an organized pack.

Travel Accessories for Women

Travel Accessories for Women

1.Organizer Case

These cases are one of the most helpful travel accessories for women. They are perfect  for girlish, small and messing stuff. You can accurately sort and organize the cables for your devices, headphones,  USB cables and chargers in one case.  All your hygiene items and things of high importance can be placed in another case. So you’ll have 2-3 small organizer cases, instead of mass in your luggage or bag.  Different stylish cases are available in every shop; they are cheap and comfortable.

Organizer cases for cables , travel accessories

An organizer case

2. A colorful and bright passport cover

The specific covers of the passports are useful especially when you travel with a group of friends or family members. All the passports of your co-travelers look alike, and it’s easy to confuse or lose your passport.  But if it has a bright red or green cover, you’ll quickly notice it in your bag and recognize among other passports.

Passport cover as must have travel accessories for women

Colorful passport cover

3. Scarfs

They are one of the most stylish, useful and elegant women travel accessories. And for traveling women they are irreplaceable. Highlight your style and at the same time use them as a blank,  jacket or protection from the sun. You can also make 10th of photos during one day with different styles, if you have a scarf with you.

A stylish scarf

A stylish scarf

4. Electric adapter

This device is a must for travelers in 21 century. The power sockets are different in shape and size around the world. The electric adapter helps to use electricity and charge the gadgets no matter where you are. The adapter doesn’t need much place and is easy to use.

Electric adapter is a must have travel accessories for women

Electric adapter

5. Black and white clothes and shoes

A multifunctional variant for stylish women. These two colors are perfect not only together, but also with any color in the world. You don’t need to take 100th of T-shirts, jackets, jeans and shoes to look stylish or feel comfortable. Any black or white piece of shoes and cloth will amazingly suit you and your outfit.

Black and white outfit

Black and white outfit

6. A thermos cup

Drinking liquid during the traveling is of vital importance. Water, coffee, tea or juice you can choose yourself. The fact is you’ll spend much money and time stopping at every shop or cafe to get some liquid. The solution is a thermos cup.

A thermos cup for girls

7. An umbrella or raincoat

You’ll never know how the weather will change, when you’re out with light clothes, wandering along the streets of a new city. Even if you check the weather for the whole week, and it’s shiney, don’t be lazy to take an umbrella or a raincoat. They will help not to waste time, waiting for the rain to end.

A woman with umbrella

A woman with umbrella

8. An extra longer charger

Sometimes in the hotels or airports, the power sockets are behind the armchair, under the bed or just too far. The longer charger will solve this problem automatically. Besides, having an extra charger will never harm, you’ll only feel safer.

A long charger

A long charger

9. A handy wallet

A handy, comfortable traveling wallet is for your safety. Don’t ignore the fact of pickpockets; they are quite creative. Take a pocketbook, which you can hang around your neck and belt, put inside the bag or hold in hands.


A handy wallet as a traveling accessory for women

A handy wallet

10. Scanned copies of all your documents

There is always a fear that you’ll lose your documents while traveling; nobody is insured of it. And actually, it’s a serious problem, when you’re just a tourist, miles away from your country.  The good idea is to have copies of all your official documents buried somewhere deep in your luggage. Another variant is keeping the copies online on google drive, dropbox, etc.   In case you lose a document, the copy will help a lot. You can take it to the police office or show in the embassy of your country.  The solution is temporary but still useful.


A copy of your documents , must take travel accessories for women

A traveling document

11. First-aid kit

No matter where you travel and how long you’ll stay there, take the medicine you regularly use with you. You’ll change the atmosphere, and your organism may react in different ways. So take some painkiller and anti-allergy pills not to panic in a new country. Note, that not every medicine is allowed to carry from a country to a country, so be sure that the first-aid kit is proper for traveling.

First-Aid Kid

First-Aid Kid


12. Elegant outfit

During any trip, the most important thing is the comfort. But the fact that you’re traveling doesn’t mean you stop being a woman. Try to have at least one elegant and classic outfit; an evening dress, high heels, and jewelry.  They don’t occupy much place but give great confidence.  Besides, there are restaurants and clubs everywhere, which have a strict dress code, and you can not enter with sports clothes and shoes. So, be prepared for these kinds of surprises and take your elegant outfit with you.

Street classy outfit , accessories for women

Street classy outfit


13. A thematic must-have travel accessory

This is something optional, yet interesting and symbolic. Take with you or by there a small thematic necklace, bracelet, hat, bag, wallet or souvenir that symbolizes your trip and the city you visit. These accessories will get you to the mood of the city and give lots of memories after the journey.

Eiffel tower jewelry , travel accessories

Eiffel tower jewelry


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