Top 25 Venice Travel Tips and Facts

The world-known miraculous spot, Venice is the beloved city of tourists spread across the globe. Uncover the top Venice travel tips and head for discoveries to create everlasting memories and emotions. Flooded with magical venues and secrets, covered with numerous architectural masterpieces and historical sights, it is a dream city for every human being. However, along with its iconic nature, Venice has as well some unique treats to know and master. Not to face disappointment and spoil your dreams, you would rather take a look at some core tips provided by city experts and insiders. They will help you to save your time, money as well as nerves.

When to visit and where to stay

Choose the right place for your accommodation

1.The list of  Venice travel tips leads the right choice of accommodation. It is important to pick a hotel or hostel near the places you want to visit to avoid wasting time on the road. It may take up to 2 hours to reach your destination. Moreover, a better option is to choose a hotel near the water taxi stops. So it is better firstly to plan your itinerary and then book the hotel.

Choose the best time to visit

2. One of the well-known Venice travel tips is to be aware of the right time to visit as the city is nearly always inundated with thousands of tourists. If you do not feel overwhelmed by the crowd or even love activeness and gaiety around you, then visit the city during the peak season or at Carnival.

3. If you want to escape the masses and have some calm time, plan your trip in May when you can find perfect weather and few tourists. There is also the option of discovering the marvel city at winter where you would feel as in a fairytale. But be sure to take some really warm stuff.

Moving in the city

Grab a paper and take notes of these super helpful Venice travel tips and facts. When traveling to the city know your expenses beforehand.

Walking experience

4. A tip for the first-time visitors is to walk in Venice streets as much as possible. Grab all its scenic views and spots, have a drink at an iconic Italian ambiance and picture the beauty around you. Absorb the city at its whole by getting lost in its tiny streets. It is better to be lost and found on your own rather than navigate with a GPS, as the signal may not work properly and you would find yourself in a more entangled situation. So, when in here, keep in mind these Venice travel tips provided by the experienced ones.

Taxi acquei

5. This is probably the most comfortable and fast but rather expensive way of moving in the city. Taxi acquei or water taxis are speedy boats which take up to 10 passengers. The fares are as follows:

  • As you step on the board, you pay the initial ticket price – €13.
  • For each minute of your trip, you pay €1.80.
  • Six or more people in the boat pay additional €10 per person.
  • For more than 5 bags, each piece of luggage costs €5.
  • Rides between 10 am and 7 am are €10.

Taking into consideration all the above-mentioned fares, for example, a ride from the train station or Piazzale Roma to Piazza San Marco will cost you €65. Moreover, a ride to or from the airport will make you pay another €100-150.


6. If you want to do some sightseeing at a leisurely pace on the city waters, take the Vaporetto water-buses and enjoy the view of Venice.

A one-way ferry costs 6.50 euros which you can use for 60 minutes including switches. When you have acquired your ticket, it is a must to validate it by running through the machine at the water taxi stop. You can also obtain a ticket on board but with a higher price- 7.50 euros. But be sure to buy it as you enter the ferry otherwise you will be fined 60 + euros.

 For more comfort and relax, it is advised to take the 10 Euro Vaporetto Dell’Arte extension as they are newer, less crowded, have comfortable seats and are equipped with free headphones and paper guides.

Find the Vaporetto route plan and timetable here.

Venice Vaporetto

Venice Vaporetto


7. Venice is also world-known for its gondolas. Take time to learn the fares and other useful information here.

Moving to and from the Airport

8. If you are staying on the main island of Venice, to go to and from the airport, there are the special boats which cost €15 per person, and tickets can be bought on the vessel or in advance at the main tourist office. Find the online information here. Or else, there is the shared boat for €30 and the private boat for €34 per person.

Transport Pass

9. There is the Venice’s all-inclusive transport pass which will help you save money if you plan to visit the ferries frequently.

Venice Travel Tips for Cafes/ Restaurants

10. When in Venice, one should know that a cup of coffee at a styled cafe in those tiny streets or a dinner at the local restaurant may cost a fortune. So, here are the top tips to grasp when hungry.

  • A traditional Venetian treat to know is that consuming food and drink when seated is much more costly than when you stand in the bar area.
  • In these restaurants and cafes, you can find “tourist dinners” with a lower price but no guarantee for the quality. Hence, pass an eye over the menu before making a decision.
  • Be attentive when eating fish. It is usually sold by weight and not the piece. So be sure to count accurately.
  • Be aware of the “coperto” which is the cover charge. It may include the service charge as well as the charge for sitting and the playing orchestra. So, prepare yourself not to be shocked when facing the bill.

Take a deeper look at the city

Learn about the city

11. Before visiting Venice, try to collect and broaden your knowledge about the history of this town. To understand Venice at its whole, the spirit in its iconic architecture, squares, and churches you should know when they count from, how they were built and by whom. There are a couple of informative documentaries such as the BBC’s four-part series entitled ‘Francesco’s Venice,’ where you can learn a lot of stuff before your visit or you can try out an informative article here.

Know some words

12. Venice travel tips include some knowledge of several common Italian words to better communicate with the locals without misunderstandings. For instance, you will face the dump expressions of the locals if you ask for a piazza or square as Venice has only one square, Piazza San Marco. The rest are called “campi”.

Other helpful terms are as followed:

  • small square= campiello
  • alley/street= calle
  • salizada= a paved street
  • ramo= a lane off the main street

Save money on various city cards

Get a Museum Pass

13. With Venice Museum Pass you have a free one-time entrance to up to 11 museums. Get these cards beforehand and save your time and money. It is available at any of the participating museums for €20. Find it here.

Get The Chorus Card

14. There is also the Venice Chorus Card for the local churches. The card includes up to 15 churches entry with a cost of €10 accompanied by a map.

Top places to see in Venice

15. Discover the endless list of Venice attractions before your visit. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the heavenly beautiful spots of the city.

St. Mark's Square

St. Mark’s Square

Top Interesting Venice Facts

Along with the must-know Venice travel tips, here is a list of interesting city facts which will not leave anyone indifferent.

16. There are approximately 417 bridges in the city.

17. Venice embraces a huge number of gardens, which count up to 500.  Even the locals do not know all of them. Some of them are private with no possible access.

18. The narrowest street in Venice is “calle Varisco”. It is just 53cm wide.

19. Venice is built on more than 120 islands and is connected through bridges.

20. One of the most exciting Venice facts is that there is an ancient Egyptian mummy in the city covered with a transparent case. It is the mummy of Nehmeket which was a gift of the ambassador Bolos Bei Iusuf to the monastery of the Armenians on the isle of San Lazzaro.

21. Earlier, Venice was a country in Europe and a rather powerful one existing from the late 7th century AD until 1797.

22. Venice has a lot of old buildings aging from 1092 A.D. This was the date when the oldest cathedral in the city, St Mark’s Basilica was built.

23. Venice is famous as well for its Carnival with uniquely designed masks. Carnival ends with Lent, a Christian celebration forty days before Easter, on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday.

24. Acqua Alta means high water.  One of the Venice facts is that the high level of water has become a huge problem for the Venetians as the water rises to 1-2 millimeters every year.

25. Another significant problem is that nowadays Venice is facing depopulation. Over the last 50 years, its population dropped from 120,000 to just 60,000. These are major Venice facts to know and to consider.

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