Visiting The Louvre Museum: Top Tips and Tricks

If you are looking for a museum that is rich in history, unrepeatable in culture and heritage, Louvre is the place. The aristocratic atmosphere and the variety of artworks will leave you inspired. The museum  is the home for a  great amount of masterpieces. That’s why if you want to get the best from your  visit, these tips  for visiting the Louvre Museum are what you need.   Check them and make it effective and enjoyable.

The Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum

Best time to visit the Louvre Museum

1. Wednesday and Friday evenings museum is opened late until 10 pm so you have a great chance to wander throughout the museum. As usually it is least crowded during this time.

2. 15 minutes early before opening to avoid the waiting line. Working day starts at 9am.

Do not plan a visit to the Louvre

3. On Tuesdays as it is closed

4. On National holidays as it is closed (May 1, December 25, Jan 1.)

5. On Wednesdays, as the museum is closed on Tuesdays and crazy museum lovers have been waiting for their visit.

Make “Must see” list

Passage Richelieu, Visiting The Louvre Museum

Visiting The Louvre Museum: Passage Richelieu


6. The Museum is really huge. Get more information about exhibitions beforehand and plan your itinerary based on your interests and preferences.

7. Use Audio Guides and Guided Tours to make the most of your Louvre Visit.

8. Louvre Website offers different thematic Visitor Trails designed to lead you through various collections and exhibitions in the Museum.

If you want to save money, pay attention!

9. Entrance is free if you live in the European Union and are under 26.

10. If you use Paris Museum Pass”, you can visit lots of museums and monuments in a low price for:  2 days:  € 39, 4 days: € 54, 6 days:  € 69

11. On the first Sunday of each month, the entrance to the Louvre Museum is free. But you may stand in queue longer as the Museum is usually overcrowded on these days.

12. If you have a student card, you can get some discount.

Note: Regular ticket is  € 19.

Book tickets online

13.The sooner, the better. Best time is 20 days earlier as the online tickets are quickly sold-out. Online Booking is available on Louvre Official Ticketing Service.

Make your visit to the Louvre Museum Comfortable

14. Choose comfortable shoes as you will walk around for quite long time.

15. Pack accordingly. Wandering through the Louvre is physically exhausting. Take a bottle of water or some snacks for being able to survive the exhausting quantity of arts.

16. Use the elevators. You can find the elevator in the Pyramid. You will save more time and energy to admire masterpieces.

17. Use the restroomsDon’t make yourself suffer! Remember you will stay in the museum quite a long time. For women most convenient one is in  the Acceuil Groupes. Check out Interactive Floor Plans of Louvre Museum before your visit. 

Use the right entrances

18. Carousel Du Louvre is the main entrance to the underground shopping mall, which will lead you to a small inverted entrance next to the Apple store, where the security line is shorter

Le Carousel du Louvre, Visiting The Louvre Museum

Visiting The Louvre Museum: Le Carousel du Louvre


19. Use Passage Richelieu Entrance as lines are shorter and security is lax

20. Porte des Lions  is one of the rarely used and if you want to see the Mona Lisa, 10 minutes will be enough for reaching to your destination. Recently, this entrance was reserved to Group Visits only.

21.If you’re visiting the museum with kids try to plan a shorter visit for not  to make them tired.

22. Watch out for pickpockets.  Sadly, it is true. As everyone are losing their heads for the wonderful masterpieces and no one  think about their bags.

Interesting facts about the Louvre

  • The biggest museum of the world ( 38.000 exhibited works) – For seeing all the masterpieces here and standing 30 seconds near each piece of art 100 days is enough.
  • It has been a fortress in the past. In the 14th century, France’s king Philip the 2nd built it for defensive purposes.
  • There is another Louvre Museum. The one is the famous Louvre in Paris the other one is in Abu Dhabi.
  • Mona Lisa is a tiny picture– It is not as big as people imagine. The visitors are spending long time in a tiresome queue for seeing a picture slightly bigger than A2 paper.
  • It was once used for another purpose. During World War the 2nd it was used as a storeroom for stolen goods.
  • Napoleon and Mona Lisa– During Napoleon’s ruling years, he hung the picture in his private room.
  • Louvre’s political poster – The picture which is called “Liberty leading the people” was designed as a political poster. Eugene Delacroix painted himself in this picture and celebrated it in the 1830 Revolution.



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