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Rua Santa Ifigenia 567 Loja 08, Sao Paulo

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Nearby Things to Do in Sao Paulo

Pinacoteca do Estado de Sao Paulo

The Pinacoteca do Estado de Sao Paulo is one of the most important art museums in the city. It exhibits mainly contemporary visual arts with a particular highlight on Brazilian art from 19th century till now. It is housed in a 1900 building since 1905 and is, thus, the oldest art museum in the city.

Mosteiro De Sao Bento

Sao Bento Monastery, or Mosteiro de Sao Bento in Portuguese, is a church in Sao Paulo dating back to 1598. It is one of the main monuments and tourist attractions in Sao Paulo. The architecture of the Monastery is typical of the 17th century. It was inspired by the Germanic eclectic tradition, designed by the architect Richard Bernd.

The Julio Prestes Cultural Center - Sala Sao Paulo

Julio Prestes is a cultural center in Sao Paulo that houses the Sala Sao Paulo concert hall. It is the best place to enjoy orchestra music in the city.

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