Restaurante San

Rua Thomaz Gonzaga 36, Sao Paulo

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Liberdade a district in Sao Paulo, more accurately the Japantown of the city. It hosts the largest Japanese community outside Japan. The district is also a popular tourist destination. It is the perfect spot for you to observe the Japanese culture.

Catedral da Se de Sao Paulo

The Cathedral of Sao Paulo, locally known as Catedral da Se, is a Roman Catholic Church in Sao Paulo. It is the seat of Brazil's Archbishop.The church dates back to 1954. There is a crypt underneath the church's main altar. It houses the the tombs of several historic figures andall bishops and archbishops of the city.

Renault Theatre

Renault Theater is a Brazilian theater in Sao Paulo. It dates back to 1929, however it was burned down in 1969, reformed in 2000 and reopened in 2001. The theater is on Brigadeiro Luis Antonio Avenue. It is the first sound cinema in Latin America. The theater can place 1,530 spectators.

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