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Top Sao Paulo Cultural & Theme Tours

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Private Street Art Tour of São Paulo

See the best of São Paulo’s street art on a 3-hour private tour of the city. Discover São Paulo’s downtown as well as the ‘bairros’ (neighborhoods) of Vila Madalena and Santana, viewing graffiti-covered streets and alleys with a knowledgeable guide. As you explore this increasingly popular...

History and Culture in Downtown of São Paulo

Downtown of São Paulo is gorgeous, full of amazing architecture, interesting characters and great bars. Saturday is the perfect day to explore the area because it’s not nearly as busy as during the week. This tour explores the traditional and the contemporary.

Urban Art Tour of São Paulo Including Popular Brazilian Drinks

São Paulo moves fast. It’s constantly changing and developing as new trends sweep through the city. This tour will take you to find and experience the latest movements in the art and music scene. And who better than an actual urban artist to guide you to the coolest places.

Historic Farm Tour with Private Guide from Sao Paulo

Get away from the city on a private day trip to Fazenda Cana Verde, a Traditional Farm in the State of Sao Paulo. Approximately 55 miles (90 km) from the city of Sao Paulo - where you will be picked up by a private guide - you will make your way to an old farm of the Historical Colonial Patrimony of...

Art & Cultural Tour of São Paulo

Tourists typically visit the same areas and rarely get outside of the city center. This tour is designed to change that. Get off of the beaten track and explore the diverse nationalities, religions and cultures that live on the outskirts of the city. From Italian and Lebanese immigrant communities to...

Brazilian Culture Immersion Tour

Immerse yourself in Brazilian culture on this private, guided half-day tour in Sao Paulo. Experience some of Brazil's most popular food and drinks as you stroll around the largest public market in Sao Paulo, Municipal Market. Also stop by a charming Cachaçaria to sample traditional Brazilian...

Private Tour of Embu das Artes

Visit the artist enclave of Embu das Artes on a half-day trip from São Paulo. Explore the art galleries, artisan shops and handicraft stalls in this lovely historical town with a local, private guide. As you walk around downtown, you’ll see the colonial church, chat with shop owners and dine on...

Arts, Fashion and Architecture Trends Walking Tour of São Paulo

Discover Brazil's most modern and metropolitan city on a 5-hour walking tour focused on art, fashion and architecture in São Paulo. Your guide is an expert in São Paulo's trendy cultural scene and will take your small group to discover up-and-coming neighborhoods, unique bars and urban art. Hit up...

If you want to explore Sao Paulo with Cultural & Theme Tours, choose one from this list and your trip will definitely be something to remember.

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