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Top Sao Paulo Food, Wine & Nightlife Tours

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Private Gastronomy Tour of São Paulo

Experience the culinary culture of Brazil as you explore some of São Paulo’s greatest food markets on a three-hour private tour with an informative guide. Find every kind of food your palate desires as you walk through the famous Municipal Market of São Paulo as well as a typical street market....

Taste of São Paulo: Traditional Food and Drinks

The best way to learn Brazil’s history is through its food and drink. Come explore one of the most bohemian neighborhoods in the world as we eat and drink our way to a better understanding of this country and its rich history. Food, cachaça, beer and interesting stories are included.

Nightlife of São Paulo

Experience the exciting nightlife of São Paulo with an expert local guide who will reveal the best venues! Sip a cocktail in the stylish Skye Bar or throw back a few beers with the locals at Bar Brahma, a classic nightclub. Whether you’re taking in sweeping city views atop the Unique Hotel or...

Brazilian Culture Immersion Tour

Immerse yourself in Brazilian culture on this private, guided half-day tour in Sao Paulo. Experience some of Brazil's most popular food and drinks as you stroll around the largest public market in Sao Paulo, Municipal Market. Also stop by a charming Cachaçaria to sample traditional Brazilian...

Cooking Class in São Paulo

Prepare your own meal and discover the secrets of the Brazilian cuisine and get a first-hand insight into the nation's culture and feels as a local!. This culinary experience includes round-trip hotel transport and 3-course lunch.

Arts, Fashion and Architecture Trends Walking Tour of São Paulo

Discover Brazil's most modern and metropolitan city on a 5-hour walking tour focused on art, fashion and architecture in São Paulo. Your guide is an expert in São Paulo's trendy cultural scene and will take your small group to discover up-and-coming neighborhoods, unique bars and urban art. Hit up...

Traditional Brazilian dinner in Sumaré

Taste a delicious Brasilian dinner in a typical home in the beautiful city of Sumaré, San Paolo. Enter the home of your friendly host, Mariana, located in one of the most dynamic districts of the city. She has prepared for you a refined menu of Brasilian recipes, using fresh products and raw...

São Paulo wine and gastronomy tasting with a local

Live an authentic culinary experience in São Paulo. Tour around the city exploring local ingredients aromas and tasting  local food  with a friendly food and wine-writer guide. Meet your guide at Largo do Arouche and follow by subway to City's market.  Smell and taste Brazilian fruits, local...

If you want to explore Sao Paulo with Food, Wine & Nightlife tours, choose one from this list and your trip will definitely be something to remember.

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