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Top Sao Paulo Walking & Biking Tours

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Bike Tour of São Paulo

Sunday is the perfect day to jump on a bike and check out the various cultures that make up this diverse city. Join us as we ride through the downtown area, experiencing various fairs and cultural events as we make our way to one of the greatest urban parks in the world.

Half-Day City Tour of São Paulo

São Paulo is one of the most diverse cities in the world. Cultures from around the globe have funneled into this mega- metropolis, creating a unique mix of lifestyles and people. This 5-hour tour visits some of the most contrasting elements of the city, from a luxurious park to a favela.

Cultural Walking Tour in Downtown of São Paulo

Downtown of São Paulo is gorgeous, full of amazing architecture, interesting characters and great bars. This tour explores the traditional and the contemporary Downtown Area.

Cultural Art Walking Tour

The best way to learn Brazil’s history is through its coolest neighborhood called Vila Madalena. Come explore one of the most bohemian neighborhoods in the world as we show graffitied, urban arts, bar and galleries.

Eco-Tour of São Paulo

Walk into the rain forest to observe the species of plants and possibly animals of the Atlantic Brazilian Forest.

Guided Art and Cultural Walking Tour of Ibirapuera Park

Meet your professional guide at the The Museum of Contemporary Art, University of São Paulo to begin this 2 and half hour walking tour of Ibirapuera Park. Admission to the museum is included in your booking and you will get the chance to visit many other attractions such as the Japanese Pavilion....

Small Group Downtown Sao Paulo Historical Bike Tour

The tour starts at Paulista Avenue, one of the city's most famous landmarks. Through bike lanes you will ride to Liberdade Neighborhood - traditionally the Japanese district of the city and from there you will reach the Downtown area, cross its streets, squares and viaducts. There is always room for...

Ibirapuera Park Bike Tour

Ride your bike in one of the best Urban Parks in the world

Street Art Bike Tour

Discover the best graffitis riding through the bike lanes of São Paulo

If you want to explore Sao Paulo with Walking & Biking Tours, choose one from this list and your trip will definitely be something to remember.

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