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Burgas Trip Planner


Burgas Trip Planner is a series of itineraries designed to make your trip to this beautiful seashore town as memorable as possible.  Burgas is a city on the coast of the Black Sea. The location is called the Pearl of the sea due to its great number of iconic historic landmarks.

The city still has that authentic Bulgarian vibe to it. The narrow lanes, the two-storey houses, and the cute local shops attract not only the locals but also the foreigners. Be a traveler that explore this lovely location to its fullest. Plan your trip around the area including the neighboring towns as well. Nessebar, for instance, is a great location with a number of places to visit. There are so many things to do here that you won’t want to leave for Sunny Beach just yet. We will make sure your itinerary includes all the landmarks fitting your interests.

Sunny Beach is another small seashore town next to Burgas. These three take your Bulgarian tour the next level. The Beaches along the coast are a perfect holiday destination whether you are traveling with your family or not.  Wander in the biggest city park in Burgas and spend a lovely afternoon examining the historic monasteries Bulgaria is so famous for. When you are in Nessebar, make sure to see the old town. This historic neighborhood will give you’re the true Bulgarian feel.

When you are already done with these sites, spend a weekend in one of the water parks in the area. All three including the Luna Park are amazing choices. Pick the one that you feel strongly about. The water slides, the extreme roller coasters are all part of the plan.

Anyways, no matter what you want to see the city of Burgas offers it all. To sort out your itinerary in minutes you can always turn to our Burgas Trip Planner for help.

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Sea Garden

The Sea Garden is the biggest and most famous park in Burgas. The Bulgarian seashore city houses one of the greatest attractions in the country. The park is a perfect venue to get away from the long walk you had exploring the city. For further details visit the page.

Mall Galleria

Mall Galleria Burgas is a great shopping destination in Burgas. This is the first modern shopping mall founded in the city. It is located in Slaveykov Residential complex, only 8 minutes from the city center if you take a cab. For further details keep on reading.

Burgas Archeological Museum

Archaeological Museum (Bulgarian: Археологически музей) is the oldest museum in Burgas, preserving the cultural and historical heritage of some of the most ancient towns in the present Bulgarian territory - Sozopol (Apollonia), Nessebar (Messambria), Pomorie (Anhialo) and...

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