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Sofia trip planner is the digital agenda for your trip to youthful Bulgarian city with more than 2000 years historical heritage. The itineraries our page offer a full package of the top attractions, things to do, restaurants events and tours in Sofia. The plans in the page are flexible so the travelers can change them and adjust to their tastes and preferences.


Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria: the most populated and lively city of the state. It is a dynamic Eastern European capital.The city is almost 2,500 years old! The city has had different names over the centuries: Serdica , Sredetz, Sofia. For a while it has served as the capital of the Roman empire. The city has witnessed the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, Soviet empires. You can feel the influence of each culture and witness remnants.

The oldest building in the city, as well as a part of Roman heritage is the Rotunda of St George. It dates back to 4th century and is believed to be the oldest building in Sofia.

What makes Sofia unique is its architecture. It combines European, Communist and Orthodox Christian stylistic influences. The architecture of the city center is thus a mixture of Baroque, Rococo, Renaissance and Classicism.

During the Soviet rule the architectural style changed influenced by the Stalinist Gothic style. After the collapse of the USSR Sofia gradually developed into a modern city with business districts and huge skyscraper buildings.

Sofia houses countries's largest museum collections that attract many tourists. The largest is National Historical Museum that holds 650000 objects related to history from ancient times to the modern day.

Being a busy urban area it is also a popular ski and hiking resort with the Vitosha mountain at its suburbs. From January to March snow covers the mountain.

Best time of the year to plan your trip to Sofia is during the summer season. The temperature then is the highest for Sofia, with macimum of 27 degree Celsius, and the days are longer. Also in summer the gardens and the parks look best.

Plan your visit to Sofia with the variety of attractions our trip planner has picked up for you!

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Cathedral Saint Alexandar Nevski

St Alexandar Nevski Cathedral is a Bulgarian Orthodox cathedral, one of the symbols of Sofia and Bulgarian state. Alexander Nevksy Cathedral serves as a residence for the Patriarch of Bulgaria. The Cathedral dates back to 20th century.It is one of the largest Orthodox cathedrals all over world. A must do on your Sofia trip's visit list!

Vitosha Boulevard

Vitosha Boulevard is the main shopping street of Bulgarian capital, Sofia. It suggests 200 retail outlets. Emporio Armani, Zegna, Hilfiger, Boss, Versace and many more are among the available. It is considered an expensive shopping are. Plan your Bulgarian shopping experience at Vitoshka with us.

Saint Nikolas Russian Church (Tsurkva Sveta Nikolai)

St Nikolas or Sveti Nikolai is a Russian Orthodox church that stands in Sofia since 1882. The church stands on Tsar Osvoboditel Boulevard. It bears the name Nicholas Second of Russia. The emperor himself gifted the bells of the church.

Boyana Church

Boyana Church is a medieval Bulgarian Orthodox Church dating back to early 10th century. It is an amazing and rare example of eastern European medieval art. The church features 90 amazing frescos that are among the very finest examples of Bulgarian medieval art in the world. Boyana is the UNESCO’s World Heritage list and under protection.

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