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Top Prague Events

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Pachelbel, Mozart & Vivaldi

The Prague Royal Orchestra (six members) performs famous works by Pachelbel, Mozart & Vivaldi...

Smetana, Dvořák and Vivaldi in Old Prague

The Chamber Ensemble of the Dvorak Symphony Orchestra performs works by Smetana, Bizet, Dvorak, and Vivaldi in Prague.

Mozart Dinner Opera in Prague

The Mozart Dinner Concert combines high quality orchestral and operatic music with a delicious meal, all served in a candlelit neo-baroque...

Vivaldi's The Four Seasons: Cathedral of St. Clement

Works by Mozart, Pachelbel, Schubert and other great masters of classical music will be performed in the Cathedral of St. Clement in Prague.

Don Giovanni: National Marionette Theatre

The authentic 18th century spectacle celebrates Mozart's lifetime and awakens the atmosphere of his era.

Wonderful Dvorak

A selection of the most beautiful arias and melodies by Dvorak are interpreted by leading opera soloists and violin virtuosos in Prague.

Discover list of the best events in Prague: Whether it is a music fest or a cultural gathering you will get the chance to gain new experiences fitting your interests. See event details, book at the best price and include events in your Prague itinerary.

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