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  • Giulio C.

    - 04 August 2018 -

    Good place for tapas! Came here with a colleague and a friend. We had a good time: the food was good and well presented, and the location nice. We had to change the first bottle of wine (too acid), the second one was nothing special. Staff was nice but didn't pay much attention to our table.

  • Troy Sing

    - 29 July 2018 -

    A busy fusion (french/spanish/thai) tapas bar with friendly English speaking staff.

  • Rachel W

    - 04 July 2018 -

    Seriously the best tapas in all of Paris. Staff is friendly and cool. I loved the duck hearts, duck spring roll and calamari. Not cheap but totally worth the splurge!

  • Dave King

    - 02 July 2018 -

    Very overrated. BBQ chicken was high on presentation but result was a dried-out tasteless mess. Cornbread with duck had about 15 grams of duck, if that. Watermelon salad was decent.

  • Patrick Wilson

    - 11 June 2018 -

    Really cool bright place. But I paid €45 for an afternoon brunch that was winding down and most of the dishes were not replenished. So I had essentially a very expensive charcuterie board. I like the atmosphere though. I can just think of better meals at that price. Had I gone earlier it may have been a 4 🌟 rating.

  • 5
    - 08 October 2016 -

    There is no duck like the Anoste duck. Or at least it felt like that. Amazing malgre du canard, with delicious fries. The decoration is sassy, bold and daring. You pay for flavor and it is well worth it. Simple, straightforward, and delicious.

  • 3
    - 15 September 2016 -

    The food is really good, but really expensive (you get starters-size food for the price of a full meal) and the place can get quite noisy

  • 5
    - 11 September 2016 -

    Great food with new varieties and nice presentation. We love the food, ambient and the warm welcoming service. Sharing the food also give us a good joy to try a few items. They also serve nice bread as well as they have a lot of gluten free options. If I have a chance, I will visit again.

  • 4
    - 31 August 2016 -

    Nice atmosphere with very tasty tapas. The prawns in red curry sauce is a must. The Asian fusion was a nice mix. The wok vegetables were delicious.

  • 4
    - 14 June 2016 -

    Great place, creative tapas. I am French-Caribbean and live in the US, A.Noste reminds me of Departure in PDX, world wide food combine with a French twist. I went with friends and family and we shared :Foie gras falafel, Ahi Tuna, Bone marow, Duck Polenta, Charcuterie, roasted duck heart ...Drinks were OK, I was hoping for more interesting cocktails in regards to tbe amazing food. Watchout, tapas style but big size !

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