226 rue de Rivoli, Paris


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    07:30 - 19:00

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    07:30 - 19:00

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  • 5
    - 16 October 2016 -

    First time in Paris, this place was sooo expensive but so worth it. The pastries, the hot chocolate - just everything was to die for. I've been dreaming about it since I left. The only downside which was with most places in Paris- to go to the bathroom you had to go up a lot of stairs.

  • 5
    - 12 October 2016 -

    Pricey but worth a splurge. The classic French ambience, the beautiful and delicate pastries, and the antique European decor makes for a high class Parisian tea-time and dining experience. Make sure to go for brunch and get the famous hot chocolate. It tastes like a decadent, melted chocolate bar or what I would imagine Willy Wonka's chocolate river would be. Their pain perdu (French toast) is also incredible. It's an upscale version of french toast made with brioche and cooked so its creamy, decadent, and carmelized-it's like having dessert for breakfast.

  • 3
    - 03 October 2016 -

    i like this restaurant French design .. the restaurant We have main dishes and yummy pastry and very delicious crossant we can going for breakfast and lunch i like crossant and ceser salad l tryed Desert famous in angelina called (Mont balanc)But its not tasty and also frase chease cake i Dont like it at all

  • 5
    - 22 September 2016 -

    I am only giving this place five stars because the Angelina's hot chocolate deserves every star it can get. You have to stop in and try it. It is amazing. Overall, the place is expensive and is not really worth the money. The mont blanc was good but it didn't impress me. Their Parisian breakfast option was average and is not really good value. Also, the staff is very snobby and it turned me off immediately. Just focus on the hot chocolate and you will be fine.

  • 4
    - 21 September 2016 -

    A bit expensive, 8.2€ for a hot chocolate. I had the white hot chocolate which I din't find that tasty, my girlfriend had the regular hot chocolate, it was really smooth, thick and strong. If you appreciate dark chocolate you'll love it

  • Burcu Bilici

    - 08 June 2018 -

    Hot chocolate was great!

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Seine River

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