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  • Valerie Paxton

    - 07 August 2018 -

    Lots of seating options and two different menus. Great for people watching along the street. Loved the escargot and croque madame. The breakfast buffet is massive and multi-cultural.

  • Vincent Champain

    - 04 August 2018 -

    Much better now than some years ago. Try the lunch menu (cheaper and quite good - tomato soup and lemon eclair are superb), but everything is fine. Great place to invite foreigners. Wines can be expensive.

  • Lisa Rouissi

    - 31 July 2018 -

    Loved everything about this place. Sometimes big places can disappoint but this was worth every euro. The ice cream coupe was so yummy. Staff were courteous and considerate. People watching spot for those who just love Paris and contemplating life.

  • Edmond Dantès

    - 18 July 2018 -

    A very historical place that worths a visit. Of course, the prices are very high but what you pay for is not the food or beverages but the ambience. I ordered a coffee that could hardly drink, actually it was undrinkable and still had to pay 6€. For someone who lives in Paris there is absolutely no reason to go there, unless you want to impress friends who visit the city for the first time. Although the cafe is awful and overpriced, the staff was very friendly, something really rare in this city...

  • John A. Akouri

    - 06 July 2018 -

    We didn’t have a reservation and it was our last night at a PACKED classy restaurant. THEY took us in a table of 6 and treated us like family. GREAT food, GREAT service, made us feel at home. We will always come back every time always. The staff was so great and Marie, Cedric and ALL the staff were PERFECT!

  • Hani Hamdan

    - 22 June 2018 -

    Me Cafe de la Paix is a prestigious Cafe and Brassery at Place de l'Opera Paris 2. At the angle of the Opera Square and a grand Boulevard, it offers a direct perspective on the Square and the boulevard which is very animated. It provides a rich menu of drinks beer liquors wine snacks and glaces. The service is almost perfect. We spent 75 min.seeping coffee tea and eating glaces.

  • Catherine Sproul

    - 06 June 2018 -

    Lovely little French bistro with plenty of room to sit En Terrance. You can enjoy a gorgeous view of the Opera while munching on French treats. The tomato salad was one of my favorite salads ever!

  • Riley B

    - 27 May 2018 -

    IF YOU'RE AMERICAN...steer clear. What an absolute nightmare...and on French Mother's Day none the less. IF YOU'RE AMERICAN...don't waste your Euros here. There is better food and definitely better restaurant staff else where in Paris. And don't bother complaining to management unless you are looking for a light stupid dessert. We had a reservation made months in advance...but that didn't matter...all French people first. Sat first Drinks first Bread on their tables....we were never offered Flowers handed out to all the French mother's...none for the Americans. If you want the true rude French feel...definitely go here ONLY IF YOU HAVE MONEY TO WASTE!!!

  • 3
    - 21 October 2016 -

    One of Paris's most elegant cafes. Very nice to look at, yet horribly overpriced. Food was good, yet not worth the money.

  • 5
    - 07 October 2016 -

    If there is ONE place you have to go to for a french coffee, thats it. Pricey -of course- but no chance you will be disappointed. The proper french know how :)

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