Cafe Odessa

28 Rue d'Odessa, 75014 Paris, France


Open Hours:

  • Sun

    00:00 - 02:00, 07:30 - 02:00

  • Mon

    00:00 - 02:00, 06:30 - 02:00

  • Tue

    00:00 - 02:00, 06:30 - 02:00

  • Wed

    00:00 - 02:00, 06:30 - 02:00

  • Thu

    00:00 - 02:00, 06:30 - 02:00

  • Fri

    00:00 - 02:00, 06:30 - 02:00

  • Sat

    00:00 - 02:00, 06:30 - 02:00

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  • Tma G

    - 07 August 2018 -

    Ignorant and unfriendly. Prices are extremely high. We had to wait about 10 minutes to get the waiters attention. After ordering a coffee and an omelette we waited 20 minutes and they forgot the coffee. A couple who arrived after us had their breakfast in about 5 minutes. That's why "ignorant". At the end we were asked to pay the coffee we didn't get. The appearance of the service was very "unfriendly". Maybe because we didn't speak French I don't know.


    - 06 August 2018 -

    Double espresso was 5,8€ !! After that and a 2€ croissant (a normal price for a café) I gave the waiter 20,80€ and he gave me back only 10€ thinking I wouldn’t notice 3€ !! If it were busy and wait staff were not required to have specific training to be hired, this would be more understandable. If this happens to you in France (especially Paris), they likely did not make an honest mistake, they were just hoping you wouldn’t notice. Low rating because of incredibly overpriced coffee and dishonest waitstaff.

  • Iiro Laitinen

    - 23 July 2018 -

    Food and drink was ok, but overpriced for the quality. The waiter was seemingly nice and quick, but on the other hand did a "good job" selling the most expensive drinks for tired and hungry customers. Check all the prices to make sure you know what you're ordering. Don't make the same mistake and let their friendliness fool you.

  • Cazz Barton

    - 22 July 2018 -

    I really like the Odessa Brasserie. Our most recent visit to Montparnasse was In April this year, for 5 days, and we had breakfast at The Odessa 3 times. Le petit dejeuner is generous and delicious, especially the fresly squeezed orange juice, and for under 10 euros, a very reasonable price. The waiter was really nice. We also spent an evening there just drinking and watching the world go by. Our waiter was charming and friendly, and made us feel really welcome. There was no pressure to order food. Will definitely go again on our next visit.

  • Vadim

    - 04 July 2018 -

    Be prepared to wait.... Since we stayed close by, had to dine here on 3 occasions. 15-20 mins to get your order taken and you get lucky if waiters don’t mess up your dish or sticking his fingers in your empty glass or cup. Food is good.

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