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  • 5
    - 27 September 2016 -

    I've not been to Maxim's, but just finished watching Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris" and had to Google this restaurant. It looks beautiful, stunning and sophisticated, but also fun and adventurous.

  • 3
    - 05 August 2016 -

    The staff were fantastic, but the food was just ok.

  • 5
    - 22 June 2016 -

    Atmosphere, staff, & chocolates are the best. I've compared the dining experience, & particularly the lobster bisque around the world: Maxim's stands superior.

  • 5
    - 26 December 2015 -

    My favorite Restaurant in Paris. If you're going to Paris you would be a fool not to go there for Dinner at least one night. It's an experience of a Life Time. The food is above par...but the surrounding are just breath taking. It was the favorite Restaurant of my Beloved Wife when we would go to Paris.I always recommend it to my friends going to Paris for the first time.

  • 1
    - 11 September 2015 -

    Incredibly disappointing experience. Came to Maxim's for dinner during our honeymoon, and what started as a nice evening ended rather poorly. The restaurant was mostly empty, though we arrived just after opening so this was not terribly surprising. The appetizer and main courses actually passed without any complaints. I wouldn't call the food spectacular, but it was good. However, after dining for about two hours, we were ready to go. We asked for the check, after which the live entertainment serenaded my wife and I and the staff brought us dessert. OK, a nice touch. However, our wait staff continued to ignore us after the dessert, and we had to ask twice more for the check. This really wouldn't have been that big of a deal if our waiter hadn't charged us for four (not one, four!) desserts, representing roughly 30% of the total bill. This was particularly irritating, because we had asked for the check before we were even presented with the dessert. When I raised the issue with the waiter (who I had to approach at the front desk, since he ceased coming by our table), he was quick to apologize for the mistake and removed the charges from the bill. However, he slyly looked around and pleaded with me to not alert the manager to what had happened, which raised my suspicion that this was done on purpose. As for the Maxim's experience in general, obviously I am aware of the history and aura that comes along with this place. However, the restaurant appeared short staffed, and service was infrequent (even for Paris) and in most instances poor. I was sent upstairs to use the restaurant's other bathroom, and it was rather sad to see the entire upper floor closed, unlit, and unattended. My impression is that Maxim's continues to survive (I'd stop short of thrive) based on its reputation to tourists alone, which is a shame, because it is not difficult to see how unique this place once was and still could be. The entertainment was quite good, and the food was good enough (though it did not live up to the price, in my mind), but the poor service and what appeared to be an underhanded attempt to overcharge me (and subsequently cover it up) cannot be overlooked.

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