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Dresden is the the capital and center of Saxonian Germany. It is situated just on the border of Germany and Czech Republic. Dresden is washed by the waters of River Elbe.
The city is famous for being a royal residence of Electors and Kings of Saxony, who made the city a real masterpiece of culture and art. Though it was heavily destroyed during the World War II, it could preserve and restore the magnificent style of baroque and rococo city centre.
Dresden trip planner is a collection of things to do, tours, restaurants, events and hotels, which will make any visit to the city unforgettable. The page contains itineraries of different taste and preference, which are customized for tourists of any age and group. Planning a trip in Dresden trip planner will take several minutes. As a result, you’ll have your perfectly organized route to the most historical city of Germany.
In order to have an itinerary for your upcoming holiday, you just need to set the dates. The system will suggest a ready plan, according to the interests and categories. The plans can be edited in any ways and can be used offline.
Dresden is a museum under the sky. Every district, street and building is a separate work of art, worth seeing.
The city lies Elbe’s northern bank; the freshness and royal look of the surrounding area give the city extra charm and beauty.
Dresden is a city of towers and domes. Its famous Frauenkirche, Zwinger and Green Vault are highlights not only for Dresden, but also in the whole Europe.
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The Frauenkirche is the main religious center not only in Dresden, but also in the German region of Saxony. It’s a Lutheran church, built in Baroque style. Frauenkirche is a fascinating example of the Protestant architecture and is one of the largest and the most famous domes in Europe.


The tourists who visit Dresden and want a complete impression of real imperialism, should visit Zwinger at first. The Baroque style palace and the whole magnificent complex are unique in their type. The complex includes Old Masters Picture Gallery and the Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instruments.

Procession of Princes

Procession of Princes is a large wall decorated with paintings and frescos. It one of the outer walls of the Dresden castle. The topic of the paintings is the rulers of Saxony and represents portraits of electors, dukes and kings. The original name of the wall is Fürstenzug.

Green Vault

Green Vault is historic museum in Dresden, which houses the largest collection of treasures in Europe. The museum is home to a great diversity of exhibits from the Baroque to Classicism. It was founded in 1723. Green Vault is one of the most influential institutions in the world.

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