Zum Augustiner

Neuhauser Str. 27, Munich


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  • Ryan Nelson

    - 03 September 2018 -

    Good food, typical Bavarian fare. Would say quality is decent, about par for these types of places. Interestingly, the waiter told me the kitchen was closed for hot food when I came at 945pm -- however, a nearby guest overheard and called him out for the fact that the sign says hot food until 11pm (at which point the waiter said he forgot the time changed for the kitchen to stay open later). Not sure what that was all about but seemed quite strange. (Note - was a diff waiter than in the photos I posted)

  • Rudy Bertazzo

    - 13 August 2018 -

    Extremely rude and unprofessional. While the food quality is decent, the service is utterly unacceptable. Our waiter didn't treat us very well during the whole meal (as if he was annoyed by our presence) and, on top of that, he chased us outside the restaurant (where we were just chilling out waiting for our friend inside to pay) rudely asking us for the money, repeatedly telling us that we had yet to pay. When politely told that we were just waiting for our friend inside, he abruptly stated that "nobody's inside", without even care to check, obviously thinking we were trying to get away without paying. In that very moment our friend came out, having regularly paid (tip included), and he simply ran inside without even apologize. Mistakes and misunderstandings can happen, really no big deal in that, all that matters is how you handle a situation, and this was handled just horribly. Can't recommend this place at all, very disappointing and unprofessional, there're far better alternatives.

  • Love Hedström

    - 12 August 2018 -

    Really nice local and excellent and fast service BUT they refused to give me a little bit of extra hot water to my espresso. It was just not possible to them to conjure a small glass or cup of hot water. This is in my opinion quite absurd to refuse

  • Chris Price

    - 17 July 2018 -

    Very poor service. Waited at least 30 minutes to order dinner. Others who sat down were catered immediately. The waiter kept disappearing to a shopping centre across the square. Other diners had issues with paying as he not there. So we decided while he was absent the third time to leave our seats and watch the chaos unfold when he returned. Another couple then took our table. The waiter returned and was running up and down the outside tables flapping around looking for us. My wife was wearing a distinctive top was spotted and handed the bill. She said that I was at their till waiting to pay. He said "you go" and I said no where did you go. He said he went for a smoke and I said what for half an hour. Three times on a quiet night, not my problem but I can't wait forever. Paid and left no tip.

  • Aaron Marsh

    - 10 July 2018 -

    Great service, great food great beer. We popped in here on our quest to find bavarian food for lunch! Zum Augustiner certainly delivered! The waiters spoke in English and offered us English menus which is good of you aren't a native speaker! We sat outside because it was a nice day however the inside looked amazing, very German!! The prices are a little much but it's in a touristy area so..! Would definitely recommend visiting here!

  • east west2008

    - 10 July 2018 -

    Food was excellent BUT the guy who served us outside on (front) terrace is very arrogant! No manners how to serve and so rude. After we have paid the bill he asked me RUDELY for minimum tip 10% !!!! Of course we would like to give the tip as everyone does but not on this way! And afterwards he became very mad because of I said no. So be aware when you’re in Munchen and thinking to take a quick lunch or dinner, I would recommend you not to go to this place. There is a lot of nice restaurants where you can really enjoy your dining.

  • Richard Levi

    - 22 June 2018 -

    Great Bravarian beer house in the centre of Munich. Great beer (of course) and a large menu of traditional meals. The sausage platter was nice, exceptionally filling, and served in a traditionally atmospheric environment. There's an amazing chandelier in the main eating area. Great service.

  • Rita Raychaudhuri

    - 06 June 2018 -

    Great location. Good food, received excellent meal service. The cream puff with great strawberries was a delight. Beer was good. The greeting and seating left much to be desired which explains my rating.

  • 1
    - 02 October 2016 -

    Extremely rude waiter, food was ok, but the overall experience was awful. Tourist alert, don't come

  • 2
    - 23 August 2016 -

    The food is decent the beer, obviously, is superb, but service has been terrible almost everytime I've been there. To all tourists there are planty "original" bavarien restaurants that are better.

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Marienplatz is the heart of Munich. The name Marienplatz means St. Mary’s Square. Since 1158 it used to be the main square of Munich. Right in the center of the square is the large column called Saint Mary’s column. The other fascinating parts of the square are the Old Town and the New Town.

Munich Residence

Munich Residence (Residenz Munchen) is the original royal palace of the Bavarian monarchs in the center of Munich. The Residence contains 10 courtyards and 130 displays including the Ornate Chapel, Stone Rooms and the (Trier Rooms, the magnificent Rococo Rooms, Ancestral Gallery, etc.

New Town Hall (Neus Rathaus)

New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus) is a town hall which is situated in the northern part of Marienplatz, Munich. It was built in neo-Renaissance style from 1905-1910. Nowadays it is the seat of the Mayor of Munich the head of the municipal administration.The political bodies hold their sessions here.

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