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Jakarta Trip Planner


Jakarta trip planner suggests a variety of top itineraries in the metropolis capital of Indonesia. Those itineraries offer a wide range of the top attractions, things to do, restaurants, events and tours in the city of Jakarta. The plans in the page are flexible so you can change them and adjust to your tastes and preferences. Planing vacation has never been this easy.

Jakarta, located on the northern coast of Java, is capital of Indonesia. The city has a population of 9 million people. It is a huge and vibrant metropolis that combines modern development with historical heritage.

Whether you are a sole traveler, a couple or a family with kids, check out the following things to do and try not to miss them out:

Visit the Merdeka square to appreciate city's most important religious monument, Istiqlal Mosque and Jakarta's Cathedral. City's main Muslim and Christian temples face each other as a symbol of Indonesia's religious tolerance and unity in diversity, where all religions can co-exist peacefully.

For a panoramic outlook at Jakarta visit the National Monument. An elevator takes visitors up to the observation platform under the flame structure. The platform there opens a spectacular view of Jakarta cityscape.

Discover the local Indonesian lifestyle and culture at Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park. All of Indonesian islands and 27 provinces are realistically created in mini-size in a beautiful artificial lake in middle of park.

In Jakarta you'll find a variety of restaurants serving international cuisine or regional dishes.

Jakarta’s nightlife is another thing you shouldn't miss. Nightclubs and discos of the city offer a wide variety of music and dance opportunities.

Jakarta is also a famous shopping hub. A wide variety of choice and price are found at Grand Indonesia Shopping mall and AEON Mall BSD City. The annual Jakarta Great Sale offers great discounts attracting thousands of shoppers to the city.

Best time of the year to plan your trip to Jakarta is between June and September, when the season is dry with average temperatures ranging between 24-32 degrees and the natural daylight lasts longer.

Check out our trip planner to arrange your visit to Jakarta easier and more effective!

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National Monument (MONAS)

National Monument, most commonly known as Monas, is a symbolic national monument at center of Merdeka Square, downtown Jakarta. It is a 132 meters tall tower. The monument commemorates the struggle for Indonesian independence, thus is the most important landmark of the city.

Grand Indonesia Mall

Grand Indonesia Shopping mall forms a part of Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. It also contains BCA Tower, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski and Kempinski Private Residences. The shopping mall is comprised of the West and East Mall that are linked by a multi-level bridge. Grand Indonesia opened to public back in 2007.

Istiqlal Mosque

Istiqlal Mosque is Indonesia's national mosque in Jakarta that opened in 1978. Being the largest mosque in Southeast Asia it can accommodate up to 120,000 people. Istiqlal mosque has an enormous dome of 45 meters diameter dome supported by 12 columns and tall minaret (tower).

Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park

Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park is a traditional cultural area in Jakarta. It represents regional architecture, clothing, dances and traditions of 27 provinces. It opened to public in 1975.

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