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Bologna is the center of Emilia-Romagna region in Northern Italy. It is one of the greatest spots for those, who want to explore the Italian culture, architecture and colors. Famous for its towers, churches and lengthy porticoes, Bologna has a well-preserved historical centre, thanks to a careful restoration. Due to Bologna trip planner you can enjoy the city fully, The page is a collection of things to do, tours, restaurants, events and hotels, which will make any visit to the city unforgettable.
Bologna surprises its visitors with its hospitality and national features, which make everyone fall in love with this part of Italy. Having an organized vacation in Bologna will be one of the lifetime experiences.
To organize your travel, here are itineraries of different taste and preference, which are customized for tourists of any age and group. Planning a trip in Bologna trip planner will take several minutes. As a result, you’ll have your perfectly organized route to one of the most historical cities of Italy.
In order to have an itinerary for your upcoming holiday, you just need to set the dates. The system will suggest a ready plan, according to the interests and categories. The plans can be edited in any ways and can be used offline.
Every district of this city, street and building is a separate work of art, worth seeing.
Its historical attractions and royal look of the surrounding area give the city extra charm and beauty.

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Piazza Maggiore

Piazza Maggiore is the main square of Bologna and one of the most historical spots of Italy. The Square dates back to the 15th century, since that it has been a collection of many important administrative buildings.

Torri degli Asinelli e Garisenda

Towers of Bologna is the historical structures, which once made the original shape and landmark of the city. The most famous among them are the Two Towers, situated Piazza di Porta Ravegnana. The structures were built between 12-13 centuries. At that time the number of the towers gained 180.

Basilica di San Petronio

San Petronio Basilica is the main religious site in Bologna. It is dedicated to the patron of the city. The basilica is situated in the heart of the city, Piazza Maggiore. It is considered to be the largest brick basilica to be built in the world.

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