Birreria Trilussa

Via Benedetta 18, Rome


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Open Hours:

  • Mon

    18:00 - 02:30, 00:00 - 02:30

  • Tue

    00:00 - 02:30, 18:00 - 02:30

  • Wed

    00:00 - 02:30, 18:00 - 02:30

  • Thu

    00:00 - 02:30, 18:00 - 02:30

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    00:00 - 02:30, 18:00 - 02:30

  • Sat

    00:00 - 02:30, 18:00 - 02:30

  • Sun

    00:00 - 02:30, 18:00 - 02:30

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  • Danika Adam

    - 03 September 2018 -

    The chairs outside are uncomfortable and the tables are rickety. But their Rossini is by far the best I've ever had!

  • Daniela Dobre

    - 19 June 2018 -

    Good food, ambiance and service. Also a lot of different choices of drinks.

  • Christos Dekoumes

    - 02 May 2018 -

    Beautiful place, good beers, good food and great service. It was the only place we enjoyed and we spent beautiful 3 hours. We greatly thank the staff working there for the service.

  • Lexi Kassler

    - 07 March 2018 -

    Great place for big groups of beer lovers! 😁

  • James W

    - 01 March 2018 -

    Table service and a great selection of beers in a trendy area of Rome recommended for a visit

  • 4
    - 24 September 2016 -

    The burger and fries was pretty good. It's the closest you'll get to a genuine American burger. Not too pricey for good portions.

  • 2
    - 27 August 2016 -

    Got bored of waiting for my burger for nearly 45 min and left the place. Besides I tried their average burger and it's not worth waiting. Much better places near by

  • 4
    - 08 July 2016 -

    Cheap and tastefull. Menu options are useful. We a couple- liked this place.

  • 1
    - 30 April 2016 -

    We ate, we drank, yet they wouldn't let me sit on a chair instead of a bench cause they were "saving" chairs for possible future customers. More than an hour passed, nobody came, I asked kindly again after a tired back and they still gave me the same great answer. You decide how good of a service is that...

  • 1
    - 10 September 2014 -

    The first time I went to Birreria Trilussa I had a very good experience, very relaxed and enjoyable. The Second time visited I had the worst experience I have had in a bar. I am not sure if they have changed management from when I first visited in June but my visit in September was terrible! I wanted to sit outside as it was a very hot night in Rome. I was told to move from the first table as apparently it was only for a table of 4, even though it was the same size as every other table outside. They moved me to a table next to the entrance and they stacked glasses right behind my head. I asked to move to the table in the corner and again was told that this was for a table of 4. I tried to say that it is exactly the same size as the table I am sat at but I was refused. A couple left that sat at the front so I asked another girl if I could move tables to where they were sat and she said ‘ok’. I thought great, finally I don’t have glasses constantly being stacked next to my head and the waiter and waitress standing right next to me while I have a drink. A couple of minutes later the guy that denied me moving tables several times started yelling at the waitress who let me move tables because I moved. I thought that if the place was busy then fine but they had over 7 free tables that no one could sit at unless you were at group of 4. They lost so many customers because of this. There are no ‘reserved’ signs on the tables, they are not a 5* restaurant so how come you cannot choose where you want to sit? The waiter then tried to argue with me as I was not happy with my drink. I asked for a white wine and lemonade. I tried to question my drink as it tasted more like vodka and lemon and I was told a firm ‘no, this is white wine and lemonade’ surprise surprise, when the bill came I was charged 6€ for a vodka! Never in my life have I ever been made to feel so uncomfortable whilst trying to enjoy a drink. I will never return.

Nearby Things to Do in Rome

Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona is a square in Rome, built in 1st century AD. It has a form of the open space of the stadium. The ancient Romans went there to watch the games. It features important sculptural and architectural creations: in the center stands the famous Fountain of the Four Rivers and the Pamphili palace.


Trastevere is the 13th rione of Rome, on the south of Vatican City. In the Middle Ages Trastevere had narrow, winding, irregular streets with strong contrast between the large houses of the rich, and the small houses of the poor. Nowadays natives and tourists alike flock to its many pubs and restaurants.

Church of St. Louis of the French

Church of St. Louis of the French is a Roman Catholic church in Rome, not far from Piazza Navona. The church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and to Louis IX, king of France. It is the national church of France in Rome. and is a titular church. Façade is entirely independent of the body of the structure.

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