Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40, 00186 Roma RM, Italy, Rome


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  • Alec Bentson

    - 19 August 2018 -

    Awesome ice cream. Multiple locals told us about it and that it was the best place ice cream place in Italy. I would agree, the ice cream was incredible. The workers were kind of bu*t holes though. That's the only reason for the four star. Location is also great. Very Central and right by the pantheon.

  • Aster Patricia

    - 16 August 2018 -

    Delicious and famous gelato shop. I had fig and nougat, then went back another day for pear and dark chocolate. You can only sit in the restaurant if you get a proper desert though, so be ready to wander the street with your ice-cream. Pay before you order your ice-cream. Same price whether in a cone or cup. Very reasonably priced.

  • Mauro Marchetti

    - 12 August 2018 -

    Is an historical bar that have a good ice cream and good pastries. Honestly I prefer other places in the zone. Usually there is a lot of peoples and the tail is long but fast. Is impossible to find a parking in the zone, just walk :) Free toilette.

  • Abdullah Al-Munim

    - 10 August 2018 -

    I'd say just like any other ice cream parlour in Rome. Many flavours to choose from. Unfortunately however, after a long walk around the area visiting many sites you buy your cup of ice-cream thinking you'd be able to sit down and enjoy at midday when the whole place is virtually empty but you won't be allowed to. I offered money to use the seats but was politely refused. They do mention on the tables about this however. So, do buy your ice creams in cones and not in cups.

  • Black Mamba

    - 16 July 2018 -

    Ice cream is good here, no discussion. However they don’t allow their customers to sit on the tables although there are tons of empty ones. What a strange customer focus! Obviously they are already flooded with customers so they don’t need to care for them.

  • Margreet Lont

    - 16 July 2018 -

    Very nice authentic place. It was crowded but the service was still fast and good. A lot of different flavours of ice, also a big assortment of cookies and some drinks. The ice cream was to die for, best I've ever had! Definitely recommended!

  • Mando Stam

    - 12 July 2018 -

    We get there for an ice-cream, you had to pay in front and then go to back to the men in front of the fridge to order the flavors you want. I don't know if it is common for other ice-cream shops but we paid according to the cone size and not the ordered scoops. So you can get for example 2-3 scoops for a medium cone. A look at the ice-creams was incredible everything was placed as in a color palette! I tasted the mixed berries and it was the best flavor I have ever eaten! On the contrary the caramel and milk chocolate wasn't so good.

  • Greg Fry

    - 06 July 2018 -

    Highly overrated place! There are definitely better places in Rome to get ice-cream.. Ice-cream was way too sweet and nothing special. The toilet was in a very bad condition. Only positive things.. The ice-cream cups looked impressive..

  • Johnny Wu

    - 22 June 2018 -

    They serve ice cream, dessert and light meal/salad. Pay at the cashier first, then take the ticket to the order counter. Dine-in is charged a few which is dependent on the food ordered. The champagne ice cream was unexpectedly refreshing. Free toilet available.

  • Türker Ataş

    - 08 June 2018 -

    Wonderful Ice cream...

  • Tulin E

    - 01 June 2018 -

    Best icecream in Rome 🧡

  • Lee Mortensen

    - 30 March 2018 -

    Did not eat anything here, too frustrated with having 1 register and requirement to purchase in advance. Crazy poor operational system.

  • Lee Mortensen

    - 30 March 2018 -

    Poor operational model. You have to buy first at a central counter, 1 guy, long line. Think this through?

  • Ελευθερία Ζανιδάκη

    - 30 March 2018 -

    One of the best gelato in Rome! Can be very crowded near the afternoon. But if you try after 20:00 there’s always fewer people. You can ask to try any flavor you want.

  • María Batta

    - 08 March 2018 -

    The best Nutella ice cream ever 💕

  • Harapasa

    - 02 March 2018 -

    Delicious Ice cream

  • Miloš

    - 24 February 2018 -

    Famous and crowded and while good there are plenty of others just as good with less crowds

  • Nyssa Shaw-Smith Gendelman

    - 21 February 2018 -

    Delicious, high quality gelato and a beautiful old store. The dark chocolate is to die for. Also recommend the raspberry and the crema. A small cone gets you two scoops, so two flavors. Creamy bliss.

  • Aslınur Şimdi

    - 11 February 2018 -

    Perfect ice cream 😍

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