Pizzaioli napoletani

Piazza Bernini - -Vomero, Rome


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Terme di Caracalla

Terme di Caracalla are ancient Baths in Rome. They are built between AD 212 and 216. They had a significant impact on the architecture of many later buildings. The bath complex covered approximately 25 ha area and has rectangular shape. Today the Baths of Caracalla are a tourist attraction.

Circus Maximus

The Circus Maximus is an ancient Roman racing stadium and mass entertainment venue located in Rome. The Circus was Rome's largest venue for public games connected to Roman religious festivals. They were organized for the benefit of the Roman people and Gods. It now functions as a large park.the city.

Colle Aventino

The Aventine Hill (; Latin: Collis Aventinus; Italian: Aventino [avenˈtiːno]) is one of the Seven Hills on which ancient Rome was built. It belongs to Ripa, the twelfth rione, or ward, of Rome.

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