Vicolo S.Maria in Trastevere 18, Rome

  • Phone Numbers: 39065818307, 390656569848
  • Address: Vicolo S.Maria in Trastevere 18, Rome
  • Meals: Dinner, Late Night, Drinks
  • Restaurant features: Reservations, Outdoor Seating, Seating, Waitstaff, Wheelchair Accessible, Serves Alcohol
  • Good for: Large groups, Scenic view

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Open Hours:

  • Sun

    10:30 - 23:30

  • Mon

    10:30 - 23:30

  • Tue

    10:30 - 23:30

  • Wed

    10:30 - 23:30

  • Thu

    10:30 - 23:30

  • Fri

    10:30 - 23:30

  • Sat

    10:30 - 23:30

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  • Steven Youssef

    - 08 September 2018 -

    Good food. But a scam compared to the other restaurants in Rome! The menu that they have displays the prices of small portions. So when you actually sit down and start ordering they ask you if they want the small or large portion. I personally asked for the small portion thinking it would be the same size just like all the other restaurants in Rome, but it wasn’t. It is literally the size of a kids plate. When I spoke to the manager, he mentioned how they give you the option of a smaller portion so that you can try more stuff off the menu. But if you want to have a regular size meal then you pay 2x of what is mentioned on the menu, which is much higher compared to other resutants in Rome. They also added a service charge to the final price that did not go to the waiter, so if you wanted to tip the waiter then it was also going to be extra. Much different compared to America where the service charge goes to the waiter and not the restaurant. Lesson learned: ask if the price is for a regular sized meal or not and ask if they include a service charge.

  • Maxime Chollet

    - 08 September 2018 -

    AVOID IT! SCAMY STAFF! They push you to order more and are not transparent about the price. Staff very pushy and dishonest. I've ordered the fish of the day. When I've asked where it was on the menu, their response was it wasn't. The fish was good but €56!!! On top of this this, the typical trickery: "the simple pasta plate is very small take a big one" = Double the price. Final bill €163 for two. Scandalous!!!!

  • Christopher Goldson

    - 25 August 2018 -

    Terrible place. So many good options around do not eat here. They explained the pasta dish was a little small would you like a slightly large plate. They did not mention that the slightly large plate meant double the price. Servizio charge of 15% is excessive for the poor service. Two pasta dishes cost 65 euros.

  • K M

    - 01 August 2018 -

    Deserves zero stars if I could! Rude and unhelpful staff who have no interest in providing a good experience, they just stand around chatting to each other. The food is overpriced for what it is and the portions are laughable (seriously I couldn't stop giggling when my food arrived - our main was the size of a finger bowl!). Waiter got grumpy when we didn't want pudding. A cheeky service charge was automatically added even though it was not deserved, if it was a good experience or if there was a lot of us (it was only me and my partner) then I wouldn't have minded at all. They didn't even say thank you and goodbye when we left, was rude when we asked what something was on our bill. Judging by your other reviews mate, I think you'd better get your attitude sorted or shut the place down.

  • Jaclyn Van Meter

    - 02 June 2018 -

    DO NOT EAT HERE. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. This place is a huge tourist trap. Their menu is deceiving. They charged us $200 for 2 entrees that were priced $10 on the menu. They include a 15% service fee but tell you that there is no tip included. They then stand right next to you making you feel very uncomfortable pressuring you to tip. They do not give you an itemized receipt, just a receipt with the total on it and a credit card machine. When we asked to talk to the manager the server was extremely rude to us. When the manager finally spoke to us he blew us off. They both knew good and well what they were doing. According to everyone else this happens constantly. There are plenty of other wonderful restaurants in Trastevere to give your business to.

  • 1
    - 04 October 2016 -

    DO NOT GO! It's the ultimate tourist rip off experience. We ordered a fresh fish for two for which we were charged 119€! The menu has a lot of fine print. You have been warned.

  • 5
    - 31 August 2016 -

    Enjoyed our dinner here - their house special pasta was delicious. Service was friendly and prompt. Would go back here if we were in Rome again.

  • 1
    - 27 May 2016 -

    Nice location and friendly waiter, however very expensive compared to what they serve. We started out with a simple bruschetta and cheese starter which apparently costs 50 euros! And bear in mind this was just a simple plate. The lasagne was just average, and at the end they charge you with an additional 25 euros for serving. That means that you end up paying 75 euros just for a lousy starter served to you. There are plenty of other nice restaurants with better food/service at half the price. I strongly recommend you stay away.

  • 1
    - 10 April 2016 -

    DO NOT GO TO THIS RESTRAUNT! The service started out nicely, with a waiter bringing me over a blanket after simply seeing me shiver. However it quickly went downhill from there. Our server who seemed to be the manager had a scowl on his face and looked at us with disgust, dispite us being friendly. They didn't bring out our bread or water until we asked, when we noticed a couple who came in after us being served first. When ordering the manager refused to bring out the meat dish with all of the 'first' course, even though only one person was having a second course. After we finished the first course, we assumed the manager had not placed an order for the meat dish. Especially considering he cleared the table and asked us if we wanted dessert. When attempting to order dessert the manager only took two orders, then started to leave before taking the other two orders. We had to stop him from leaving so we could order the rest of our dessert. Then, the manager came over with a COLD dish, saying he had forgotten about the dish. The entire dish was stone cold, and should never have been served. We were then served dessert while the person who ordered the seconds ate their dish, which was awkward and unorthodox. Street merchants were hustling inside of the outdoor portion of the resturaunt, and one accordion player went throughout the entire resturaunt singing. While the singing was great, he then proceeded to hassle each table holding out his hat while the managers looked on, as he went table to table demanding money. Our meals were just alright, but definitely not worth the heaping $185.

  • 2
    - 07 October 2015 -

    Beware! This is certainly a great location. The food was good. And you can't really beat the views of the piazza. But sheesh... The server up sold, selling is 50 euros worth of mushrooms measured in hg, without asking how much we wanted. Also refused to serve us a half bottle of wine. Ridiculous!

  • Martin Risgaard

    - 24 March 2018 -

    You pay for the location - not the food.

  • Pinar

    - 01 January 2018 -

    Tourist trapp! Stay away. Also rudest staff. We ordered Latte and he brought us milk! Because we did not say cafe latte he tought we asked for milk at the end of meal. Paid 203eu 4 people lasagne+wine

  • Eugen Iacob

    - 15 August 2017 -

    You pay the location. Food is ok, but overpriced.

  • Roland Schweigl

    - 28 August 2015 -

    Great restaurant and good food and wines

  • Dimitar Kostov

    - 04 June 2015 -

    Order prosciutto with melon (or mozzarella) and enjoy it being sliced in front of you by the owner himself.

  • Stevan J

    - 08 March 2015 -

    Very nice location, directly on the piazza. Food itself is nothing special, it will do the job

  • Яна Яцковская

    - 27 February 2014 -

    Безумно вкусные супы! Персонал отличный, атмосфера и вид прекрасные! Влюблена в это место ❤️

  • @sloane

    - 25 August 2013 -

    Without a reservation we were able to sit down at 7pm on a Saturday night. By 7:30 they were booked. If you can get there early do it! Good food, great people watching.

  • Yana S

    - 19 August 2013 -

    Forget the luxury boutiques and elegant streets near the Spanish Steps -- here you’re at the heart of Trastevere, Rome’s lively neighborhood popular for its nightlife.

  • Antonio M ♠

    - 04 May 2013 -

    Sabatini fa parte di Trastevere: la vista su Santa Maria in Trastevere é unica e i prezzi alti sono decisamente giustificati dalla location.

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Trastevere is the 13th rione of Rome, on the south of Vatican City. In the Middle Ages Trastevere had narrow, winding, irregular streets with strong contrast between the large houses of the rich, and the small houses of the poor. Nowadays natives and tourists alike flock to its many pubs and restaurants.

Santa Maria in Trastevere

Santa Maria in Trastevere is a titular minor basilica in the Trastevere district of Rome, and one of the oldest churches of Rome. The basic floor plan and wall structure of the church date back to the 340s. The church has large areas of important mosaics from the late 13th century.

Campo de' Fiori

Campo de' Fiori is a rectangular square south of Piazza Navona in Rome. The name translated literally from Italian, means "field of flowers." The square has always remained a focus for commercial and street culture. At night, it is a meeting place for young tourists and citizens.

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