Via della Paglia, 1, 00153 Roma RM, Italy, Rome


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  • George Ftikas Jr

    - 07 September 2018 -

    Had a pretty good experience here overall. The location is neat and the staff was very friendly, so much so that I think four different servers had come up to my table. The calamari was excellent: good texture and seasoning. The pesto was a little more bitter than I anticipated, but it wasn't bad.

  • Farhad S-S-Bidgol

    - 05 September 2018 -

    Great Italian experience for food and atmosphere We were taken here by a friend who lives in Rome. Long line for waiting to be seated, there are 2 ques. One for 2 people the other for 3 or more, make sure you speak to the host then wait. (Mind you got some glasses of wine from a nearby bar, after 10 pm they serve you in plastic cups and can drink in the street while you wait). Good things come to those who wait, sat indoors and have outdoor seating, fabulous food and very friendly staff. Delicious food, pasta is served in pans they are cooked in and taste extraordinary. Good wine list and reasonable prices. Highly recommend.

  • Humberto Santillan

    - 03 September 2018 -

    Best food in Rome hands down! This is a must visit when in Rome. Everything we ordered was amazing. The wines we had were also great. This is definitely were the locals eat and when in Rome, Do as the Romans do.

  • Tom Seinstra

    - 28 August 2018 -

    We were unknowingly very lucky, when we snagged the last free table outside. Soon after we saw queues of people waiting for a table, and being treated to a complementary glass of champagne. The waiters were friendly, funny and very well-spoken, and a soon as the starters came, everything became clear. Italian heaven on a plate, there are simply no other words for it. And for an unbelievably affordable price, in comparison to restaurants closer to the tourist hot spots. Every dish that passed us looked and smelt simply divine. Combine a dinner here with a visit to the charming neighbourhood of Trastevere and you’ll have on of the best experience’s Rome can offer

  • Matthew Webb

    - 22 August 2018 -

    The first food experience in Rome and it was a great first experience! Pizza and pasta, in a great environment, served by friendly staff - what else could we want! We loved our time in Rome and this place stood out. The food was great, well cooked and tasted fresh, just as I imagined it would. If you are going to Rome, go to this area as there are loads of great restaurants in a friendly environment. Amazing!

  • quattad

    - 30 June 2018 -

    Average pasta, was very oily. Service was bad. Only served us pepper upon request while they served others (we were the only Asians within sight) all the other condiments (salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar). A message to the restaurant - we do not appreciate your subtle racism. Tourists, Tonnarello is certainly not worth your money as compared to other cheaper restaurants with better food. See David Ling's comment below - Asian visitors, please avoid!

  • John Crook

    - 27 June 2018 -

    Amazing Pesto and lasagna. The line will get longer as the night goes on, worth it, but we got here at 19:00 and waited only 10 minutes. Amazing food. Make sure to sit outside. P.S. just get the house wine 🍷

  • jackie cuervo

    - 19 June 2018 -

    Delicious pasta. Went for the lasagna and meatballs and both were wonderful. Great service. Would return. Prices reasonable. One of the best meals in Rome.

  • Brendan Hennessy

    - 13 June 2018 -

    Nice quiet inside bit oily food. They give large portions in the starter and main course. Lovely staff and nice atmosphere. I suggest eating inside over the outside crowed tables.

  • emma parkinson

    - 18 May 2018 -

    Went for a meal here last night and it was amazing! It was a busy evening and there was a wait of about 10 minutes so the staff were giving out free prossecco to customers as we waited. The service was very fast and friendly and the location is beautiful. The menu is well priced with good options, our pizzas were delicious and the best we’ve had in Rome so far. Just loved the quaintness of the restaurant and it’s character. we will be coming back! 😊

  • Veronika Froncová

    - 09 June 2018 -

    Amazing pizza Stracchino and Diavola! 👌 very nice staff - Giuseppe and Valerio, thank you!

  • Mary Pony

    - 05 June 2018 -

    Amazing food, great service!😘

  • Harri Kulmala

    - 07 April 2018 -

    Salad looks nice but tomato and mozzarella were not good.

  • Barış Cimen

    - 21 March 2018 -

    Pizzalar, buffalo cheese, lazanya ve şaraplar enfesss

  • Oleg

    - 20 March 2018 -

    Все очень вкусно

  • Herbert Cardoso

    - 18 March 2018 -

    Parma e queijo de bufala perfeito

  • Mustafa Ülkü

    - 16 March 2018 -

    Kesinlikle yemek yenilebilecek doğru adres,fiyatlarda müthiş😀

  • Paul S

    - 12 March 2018 -

    Бесподобная паста ручной работы. Очень хорошо подобрана винная карта. Все безумно вкусно.

  • Mary Chr

    - 11 March 2018 -

    very good carbonara and saltimbocca!friendly staff!

  • Marta Pawlak

    - 11 March 2018 -

    Pizza and Prosecco!

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Trastevere is the 13th rione of Rome, on the south of Vatican City. In the Middle Ages Trastevere had narrow, winding, irregular streets with strong contrast between the large houses of the rich, and the small houses of the poor. Nowadays natives and tourists alike flock to its many pubs and restaurants.

Santa Maria in Trastevere

Santa Maria in Trastevere is a titular minor basilica in the Trastevere district of Rome, and one of the oldest churches of Rome. The basic floor plan and wall structure of the church date back to the 340s. The church has large areas of important mosaics from the late 13th century.

Campo de' Fiori

Campo de' Fiori is a rectangular square south of Piazza Navona in Rome. The name translated literally from Italian, means "field of flowers." The square has always remained a focus for commercial and street culture. At night, it is a meeting place for young tourists and citizens.

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