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Krakow Trip Planner is a series of itineraries designed to help you get the best from your trip from this beautiful, historic city. Krakow is the second largest city in Poland. It is also one of oldest cities in Europe.  The Town Hall Tower, the Vistula River, and the Wawel Castle are among the must-see locations in the city. The 7th-century city is a magnificent tourist destination in Europe. It is also the academic, cultural and tourism center in Poland.

When planning a trip to Krakow here are a number of holiday essentials to this wonderful town. Have a list of attractions you want to see, manage your time efficiently to make sure you do not miss any important destinations. Firstly, you have to start with a visit to the Old Town. Besides being the most historic landmark here, the Old Town Krakow is a home to a number of must-see attractions.

Next, your tour can continue with you stopping by the Town Hall Tower, the Wawel Cathedral, the Wawel Castle and the Cloth Hall. Each of these iconic destinations will get you staring before you know it. The Floriansca Street is yet another perfect tourist destination in town. Take a stroll down the avenue taking your time seeing the local shops, businesses and the art galleries situated here.

While you have crossed out the museums and Cathedrals off your list, you forgot to make sure to the oldest university in Poland. The institution in this lovely city. The University is adjunct the museum that houses the library and the treasury of the establishment. In other words, you have to stop by the oldest university building in the Old Town.

You can tell, the city offers it all – there are a number of things to do. Your Itinerary, therefore, can be as diverse as your heart desires. You can always turn to our Krakow Trip Planner for a perfect digital agenda fitting your preferences and interests.

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Top Krakow things to do

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Main Market Square

The Main Market Square is a central public area in Krakow. The square dates back to 13th century. It is one of the largest medieval town squares in the world. Due to its quite active and lively street life the square is one of the best public spaces in Europe.

Oskar Schindler's Factory

Oskar Schindler's Factory is a home to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow and the Historic Museum of the City of Krakow. It is a former metal item factory known as Oskar Schindler’s Factory. The factory building has a great deal of history to tell.

Historic Old Town

The Historic Old Town is the oldest and most famous locations shining in the heart of the city. The Old Town was Krakow’s political and administrative center until the King relocated his royal court to Warsaw in 1596.

Wawel Royal Castle

The Wawel Royal Castle is a 13th-century castle in the heart of Krakow. King Casimir III the Great built the magnificent structure. It has a hint of that Italian style courtyard falling before a number of blocks the castle consists of.

Top Krakow hotels

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Aparthotel Stare Miasto

Aparthotel Stare Miasto is situated in the very centre of Kraków’s Old Town, just 120 metres from the Main Market Square. It features spacious modern apartments with free WiFi. Located in a historic building, Aparthotel Stare Miasto features a unique interior design in the warm colour of bricks...

Hotel Royal

Royal Hotel is conveniently located in the Old Town of Kraków, just 200 metres from the Wawel Castle. It offers spacious, classically appointed rooms with free Wi-Fi and modern bathroom. The Royal is housed in 4 impressive, Art Nouveau buildings. The Main Market Square with its many cafés and...

Angel City by Turnau

Luxurious apartments Turnau- Angel City Aparthotel are housed in a modern complex in Kraków’s centre, 8 minutes’ walk from the Main Railway Station. All offer internet and fully equipped kitchenettes. The apartments at the Turnau- Angel City Aparthotel come with a kitchenette, equipped with a...

Premium Hostel

Close to Cracow's old town, Premium Hostel combines the quality and service of a hotel with hostel prices, including free internet access. Premium Hostel offers a variety of room options to cater to your travelling needs. Each one is cheerfully decorated and comfortably furnished. Throughout your stay...

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