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Top St. Petersburg Shows, Concerts & Sports Tours

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Russian Folk-Show at Nikolayevsky Palace

End your day with a spectacular, fun and energetic Folk-Show " Feel Yourself Russian" at Nikolayevsky Palace! A must-see for all ages, as this engaging colorful program will keep everyone entertained! Choose one of the options that suits your needs best: Show Ticket Only or Combined with a round trip...

Folk Show with Snack Bar and Optional Vodka Tasting Experience at the Vodka Museum

Discover Russian folk culture at the popular show " Feel Yourself Russian" in St. Petersburg, held in the intimate surroundings of Nikolaevsky Palace. Immerse yourself in original Russian folk festivities and get carried away by the colorful foot-stomping. Enjoy this unique opportunity of getting...

St. Petersburg: Swan Lake Ballet at the Hermitage Theater

Treat yourself to an unforgettable evening of Russian Classical Swan Lake Ballet by Pyotr Tchaikovsky at one of the oldest palacial theaters of St Petersburg - The Hermitage theater, which is not available for regular tours during day-time. Enjoy a worry-free roundtrip transfer to the theater from...

St Petersburg Private Theater Tour and Russian Classical Ballet Evening Performance

Visit the fabulous Russian classical ballet in one of the greatest theatres in the world, with its own proud traditions and unforgettable atmosphere. You will admire truly impressive examples of Russian classical architecture, learn more about its unique history and famous artists and admire one of...

Russian Ballet from Saint Petersburg Port

Take a chance on seeing famous Russian Ballet in one of the theaters in St. Petersburg. You will be offered one of the classical ballets such as Swan Lake, Giselle, Nutcracker or one of the other ballet performance depending on availability. We can't confirm any of the theaters or specific ballet in...

St. Petersburg Folk Show at Nikholaevsky Palace

The folk show is one of the best ways to experience the Russian traditional folk music and dance. You will get an idea of how Russian traditional costumes look like, see different musiсal ensembles and enjoy the atmosphere of the Royal palace. This show will seduce you from the very second that...

Russian Ballet Evening and 3-course Traditional Russian Lunch in Saint-Petersburg

Enjoy a traditional Russian 4-course lunch with a shot of the best Russian Vodkas in the center of Saint-Petersburg. Use this unique chance to visit the magnificent Russian classical ballet known all over the world. Get a taste of Russia in an authentic and unforgettable atmosphere. Admire the...

Mariinsky Theater: Skip-the-Line Ballet Performance Tickets

Treat yourself to an evening of ballet at one of the most famous theaters in Russia. Enjoy a classical Russian ballet performance at St. Petersburg’s stunning Mariinsky Theater. Optional round-trip transfers from your hotel or cruise ship are available. Group Maximum 10 travelers

Hermitage Theatre of Classical Russian Ballet Performance and Private Backstage Tour

Explore the backstage of one of the oldest ballet and opera theaters of St. Petersburg as you see the theater spring to life before a show. Take the opportunity to meet one of the ballet dancers before enjoying the performance from a cozy theater seat. Sit back and relax as you are taken in by this...

Russian Fairy-Tale House in St.Petersburg

Are you travelling with kids? Do you want to make the trip unforgettable and unique for them? Then visit The Russian Fairy-Tale House with a private interactive theatre performance to make them feel as in a real fairy-tale! The age is doesn't matter! Here you can find different performances that will...

Evening Shore Excursion: St Petersburg Private Theater Tour and Russian Classical Ballet Evening Performance

The Russian history of ballet dates back to as early as the 17th century during the reign of Peter the Great. Everything else has changed but the ballet has remained the same. The breathtaking beauty of the setting, the idiosyncrasies of Russian theatre-goers and the historic atmosphere should be more...

Russian Classical Music Concert in a Palace in St. Petersburg

A must-see for all admirers of Russian Classical Music - a great private concert in a beautiful palatial setting. Limited to 70 guests only. Choose one of the options that suits your needs best: Show Ticket Only or Combined with a round trip transfer from your centrally located hotel.

If you want to explore St. Petersburg with Shows, Concerts & Sports tours, choose one from this list and your trip will definitely be something to remember.

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