3 Gateway Drive #B1-01, Westgate Mall, Singapore 608532

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    10:00 - 22:00

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    10:00 - 22:00

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    10:00 - 22:00

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    10:00 - 22:00

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  • CL Goh

    - 23 March 2018 -

    I was checking out for a place to dine with friends on my birthday on 30 March, there was an image of the menu from among the pictures in your website, I was taken to a porn video site when I clicked on that! Please check your contents

  • Enne Er

    - 13 March 2018 -

    I visited this place due to passing it by several times and thought it looked great. The area was super insta worthy. The food on the menu all looked really appetising. We had the beef bibimbowl (rice) with a set meal(with strawberry juice and vanilla ice cream) and a seafood ramen. The beef was amazing! The seasoning was really good. It was served with japanese rice, which seemed to have some sort of seasoning in it as well. There was also poached egg, which was done perfectly and a salad. The ramen soup was very flavourful. There was many ingredients which included prawns, scallops, clams and more. The stawberry juice was made with real strawberries and was cold and sweet. The ice cream was quite a tiny block and it was served with miny marshmallows, chocolate sauce and caramel sauce. Would have given 5 stars but the food was not cheap. It isnt very expensive either but still more on the pricey side. Overall, it was a great experience and will visit again! I didnt get to try their famous cakes but will definitely try next time.

  • Nicole Liz

    - 02 March 2018 -

    Nice ambience, good food and presentation of it, but the portions are way too small for the price. Their service is not great either.

  • Rebecca Tan

    - 31 January 2018 -

    After all the rave about their earl grey cake, I decided to try the food in this cafe. Got the beef rice and it's delicious! Fresh and flavourful Korean food. Noms. Didn't have to wait long at all. Service staff was excellent and polite. A hidden gem at a convenient location in the west. Will definitely be back again.

  • SANDY Woo

    - 17 December 2017 -

    I used to love this cafe. They serve decent food with great presentation. Best of all, they used to be kids friendly... such as allowing add-on for babies such as poach egg and extra rice with charges, which is fine. However, now they restrict such add-on, making lunch alittle inconvenient. But it's once again fine, we still can try to accommodate. My greatest disappointment came when they show no empathy after serving undercooked temple food rice to my 1 year old baby. When we gave our feedback, it feels like the waitress can't wait to get rid of us and giving us weird stares... which has sadden me deeply. This will be my last visit to the cafe.

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