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Top Things to Do in Yerevan

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Dalma Garden Mall

Dalma Garden Mall (Armenian: Դալմա Գարդեն Մոլ) is an enclosed shopping mall located near the Tsitsernakaberd hill in the Armenian capital Yerevan. It is the first mall opened in Armenia. The project was announced in 2009, and the mall opened in October 2012.

Yerevan Zoo

The Yerevan Zoo, also known as the Zoological Garden of Yerevan (Armenian: Երևանի կենդաբանական այգի (Yerevani kendabanakan aygi)), is a 35-hectare (86-acre) zoo established in 1940 in Yerevan, Armenia. At present the zoo is home to about 2749 individuals representing 204...

Yerevan Mall

Yerevan Mall (Armenian: Երևան Մոլ) is a shopping mall located on Arshakunyats Avenue, Yerevan, Armenia. Opened in 2014, it is the largest mall in Armenia in terms of number of stores and total floor area. Carrefour hypermarket was opened in the mall on March 11, 2015. KinoPark, the most modern...

House Museum of Martiros Saryan

Martiros Saryan House-Museum is  a memorial to the artist. Saryan's first canvases show his penchant for bright colours, his original vision of the world around him, expressiveness and unusual composition. He is particularly famous for his landscapes, including the astonishing "Saryan's Armenia", in which he celebrates the beauty of his land renewed.

Katoghike Church

Katoghike Holy Mother of God Church (Armenian: Կաթողիկե Սուրբ Աստվածածին եկեղեցի, Kat'oghike Surp Astvatsatsin yekeghetsi), is a small medieval church in the Kentron District of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.

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