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Top Museums in Yerevan

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Charents Museum of Literature and Arts

The Charents Museum of Literature and Arts  of Armenia is the largest repository of Armenian manuscripts and books encompassing the last three hundred years. Originally conceived in 1954 as the Museum of Literature and Arts of Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic, the institution has evolved into a notable research center, where the archives of some six hundred Armenian authors, playwrights and musicians are presently housed

Arev Art Gallery

In 2015 opened AREV ART GALLERY in the center of Yerevan. Along with Arev’s work, on display are her brother - Areg Petrosyan’s sculptures, as well as her late father Benik Petrosyan’s masterpieces. This art center became a favorite place for residents of Yerevan and its guests....

Gala Art Gallery

A Leading Art Gallery in Yerevan, Armenia. Specialized in Armenian Modern and Contemporary Paintings and Sculpture. Recognized for the scope and quality of collection, GALA ART GALLERY has long been a resource for collectors and dealers. The gallery is founded by two renowned artists Avetis Berberyan...

Alexander Spendiaryan House-Museum

Alexander Spendiaryan is the first musical memorial museum to be opened in Armenia. More info about the museum is here.

Avetik isahakyan museum

A House-Museum of a distinguished Armenian writer Avetik Isahakyan is located on the center of Yerevan, nice-looking and peaceful Zarobian street parallel to Baghramian Avenue. The museum is very close to Cascade Complex and just a 10-minute walk from Opera and Ballade Tether.  The exposition...

Derenik Demirchyan

Derenik Karapeti Demirchian or Derenik Demirchyan (Armenian: Դերենիկ Դեմիրճյան) was an Armenian writer, novelist, poet, translator and playwright.

State Museum of Nature of Armenia

State museum of nature of Armenia is a unique in the region with its collections and museum values. The main collection of the museum includes special items of biodiversity of Armenian flora and fauna, which have been preserved almost without changes since last geological era, are extinct or rare and...

Explore best Museums in Yerevan: Matenadaran - The Museum of Ancient Manuscripts, Armenian Genocide Museum, History Museum of Armenia and more. Find opening hours, reviews, book entry tickets and passes, and include in your trip itinerary.

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