Northern Avenue is a new pedestrian street in the center of Yerevan, It opened to the public in 2007. The length of the street is 450 metres. It connects the Freedom Square, Abovyan and Tumanyan streets.
The street is a popular destination to spend evenings. It is very crowded in the evening when locals and tourists enjoy walking up and down. The avenue is home to many luxurious buildings. The avenue is a complete collection of high-end branded shops, where you can find lots of brand stuff, coffee shops and cafes, where it is heaven to enjoy a cup of coffee, Armenian wine or Brandy and feel the heartbeat of Yerevan. Restaurants, and nightclubs also stand along the avenue.

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  • Mehrdad Heydari

    - 22 August 2017 -

    Lovely street , it's great for hanging out with friends , great shops , live music , concerts , good coffeeshops . I love every inch of it.

  • Mush .

    - 28 April 2017 -

    Обязательно пройтись по авеню.

  • Boris Frolov

    - 09 January 2017 -

    Пешеходная улица в центре Еревана. Небольшая, но приятная. Перед новым годом здесь рождественский базар и красивая иллюминация.

  • Կարեն Հովսեփյան🔘

    - 02 December 2016 -


  • Evgeny Shuvalov

    - 15 September 2016 -

    Отличная пешеходная зона, много магазинов, ресторанов, кафе. Про ней - есть торговый центр

  • Sergio Yan

    - 11 September 2016 -

    Северный проспект, очень много туристов и приезжих как я :)

  • مهسا محق

    - 10 September 2016 -

    Very chic street in which luxurious brands have branches, nice to walk and spend some time there.

  • Виктор Захарчук

    - 28 March 2016 -

    Вам может показать красивые места как в городе так и за городом таксист Вова хороший искренний человек гид по Армении мереные цены за весь день моб. 093637746    моб. 091092033

  • Hoora Vakili

    - 26 March 2016 -

    Very calm and cool street for walking in Yerevan

  • 布拉克 透论人

    - 18 March 2016 -

    Неплохо сказано!!

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