Republic Square

Republic Square, Yerevan


Republic Square is the heart of Yerevan and the center of the country. The square is built in the neoclassical style with Armenian pink and yellow tuff stone. It has a oval shape and is surrounded by five major buildings which together make an architectural whole. The buildings are the Government House, the History Museum and the National Gallery, the ministry of Transport and Communications and the Armenia Marriott Hotel.

The square is famous for it huge dancing fountains which are a popular attractions and the most favorite highlight for tourists and locals. The great performance of the fountains with the most renown hits make beautiful ensemble which should not be missed. 
The square was constructed in 1924, by the main architect of Yerevan Alexander Tamanyan. The central part of the square has decorations, which look like traditional Armenian carpets.
The main Christmas tree of the country stand there every winter. All the events and concerts, which have national importance, are organized in the Republic Square.

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  • A Kosyan

    - 01 March 2018 -

    The most beautiful republic square in the world! Heart of the city. I love it in the morning at 8 when watering cars are there. It looks like city is waiking up.

  • D T

    - 20 January 2018 -

    Amazing place with a lively night show until midnight. The republic square in Yerevan has high class restaurants, the Marriott hotel, Government buildings and a museum with a water fountain show. The water fountain show was first of the kind in the whole Soviet Union founded in 1977, surprisingly it took them 51 years to complete the project. You must visit this landmark it is one of the most (if not the most) landmark in Yerevan especially because it is centered directly in the middle of the beautiful city. If you are going during 6:00-12:00 pm I would advise you to be extremely careful of your children and pickpockets since its heavily crowded.

  • Hormoz Sohrabi

    - 21 December 2017 -

    Lovely place for spending night time. Music and fontaine make a perfect memory. Shape of heart was the song that were playing that night :-)

  • Samvel Martirosyan

    - 08 December 2017 -

    The best part of the city. This is real center of Yerevan with singing fountain (the show is starting usually at 9 PM, sometimes it can be postponed for half hour). There is a National gallery and historical museum (both in one building besides fountain). Also there are two hotels and governmental building (with clock one). On the empty part was Lenin statue in Soviet times

  • Ashir Abdul Razack

    - 27 November 2017 -

    very nice historic place. the night view is marvellous. you can enjoy musical fountain in summer and traditional music in winter. very happening place.

  • Travis Witt

    - 22 November 2017 -

    Heraparak is interesting during the day but comes to life at sundown. Many of the City’s residents come to be entertained by the singing/dancing fountain show. Buildings surrounding the square are lit to highlight their architecture. Make sure to visit the National Gallery of Armenia while there.

  • Anna Zhdanova

    - 04 March 2018 -

    Красота нереальная, советую прийти сюда на закате

  • Reza Badakhshan

    - 04 January 2018 -

    Very beautiful

  • Krystallia Dimitriadou

    - 27 December 2017 -

    Heart of Yerevan city! Beautiful fountains and lights! At nights you can listen to classical music! It's worth a visit day and night!

  • Natalia Ovcharenko

    - 31 October 2017 -

    Вечером с подсветкой очень красиво

  • Diana Mirakyan

    - 12 October 2017 -

    The central square of the city. Beautiful architecture, dancing fountains at night, a nice place for a walk especially in the evening. You can also visit the history museum and the art gallery

  • Christian Voelker

    - 02 October 2017 -

    Nice water fountains and sound.

  • Farzane Bayan

    - 04 September 2017 -

    You will love this place

  • Rehy Otaku🐍

    - 31 August 2017 -

    ^_^ don't miss this place! It IS absolutely wonderful!😍🖤

  • Zarin Izadyar

    - 26 August 2017 -

    Lovely and peaceful

  • Mehrdad Heydari

    - 21 August 2017 -

    Beautiful place , lovely building and and great atmosphere

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