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Top Shopping in Yerevan

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Vernissage Market

Vernissage Market is an open air market place located not far from the Republic Square in Yerevan. This is the main location to find all kinds of handmade goods and art pieces symbolizing Armenian history and culture. Read more to find out further information.

Dalan Art Gallery

Dalan Art gallery presents works of Armenian artists; crafts, paintings, souvenirs, ceramics and more at one place. The exhibitions differ from time to time. The vibrant art gallery refreshes the works frequently, presenting the visitors what goes on in Yerevan Art life.

Dalma Garden Mall

Dalma Garden Mall (Armenian: Դալմա Գարդեն Մոլ) is an enclosed shopping mall located near the Tsitsernakaberd hill in the Armenian capital Yerevan. It is the first mall opened in Armenia. The project was announced in 2009, and the mall opened in October 2012.

Yerevan Mall

Yerevan Mall (Armenian: Երևան Մոլ) is a shopping mall located on Arshakunyats Avenue, Yerevan, Armenia. Opened in 2014, it is the largest mall in Armenia in terms of number of stores and total floor area. Carrefour hypermarket was opened in the mall on March 11, 2015. KinoPark, the most modern...

Eduard Isabekyan Gallery Yerevan

Eduard Isabekyan Gallery was founded in 2004. His sin has denoted 28 of Isabekyan's well known paintings of the city of Yerevan. Eduard Isabekyan's art is dispayed on the both floors of the Gallery. The painter's view on history transforms today power, pride and spirit of past victory....

Rossia Mall

Rossia Mall is an enclosed shopping mall located on Tigran Mets Avenue in the Armenian capital Yerevan. It is the 3rd-largest mall built in Yerevan. The shopping centre was opened on 5 March 2016, with the presence of president Serzh Sargsyan. It has a direct access to the General Andranik underground...

Arev Art Gallery

In 2015 opened AREV ART GALLERY in the center of Yerevan. Along with Arev’s work, on display are her brother - Areg Petrosyan’s sculptures, as well as her late father Benik Petrosyan’s masterpieces. This art center became a favorite place for residents of Yerevan and its guests....

Gala Art Gallery

A Leading Art Gallery in Yerevan, Armenia. Specialized in Armenian Modern and Contemporary Paintings and Sculpture. Recognized for the scope and quality of collection, GALA ART GALLERY has long been a resource for collectors and dealers. The gallery is founded by two renowned artists Avetis Berberyan...

Nur Art Gallery

Особой отличительной чертой творчества Нура является то, что этот автор никогда не повторяет свои работы, все, что он делает, является абсолютным эксклюзивом в...

Explore best Shopping in Yerevan: Vernissage Market, Dalan Art Gallery, Dalma Garden Mall and more. Find opening hours, reviews, book entry tickets and passes, and include in your trip itinerary.

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