Tsitsernakaberd Hwy, Yerevan, Armenia


Founded in 1967 Tsitsernakaberd Memorial is devoted to the memory of the 1.5 million innocent Armenians whose lives were taken during Armenian Genocide. Located high on a hill the memorial complex is a pilgrimage site for the Armenian Nation. The memorial is comprised of three main structures. The memorial Wall, the Sanctuary of Eternity and the Memorial Column “the Reborn Armenia.”

There is a 100 meter long memorial wall with the names of the cities engraved in stone. The names include those of Armenians massacred by Turks in 1915. As part of the memorial a 44 meter long arrow shaped stele of granite erects into the sky. This is a symbol of revival and survival of Armenian people. In the center of the memorial complex is the circular Sanctuary – the twelve inward leaning basalt slabs circumscribing the memorial hall and the Eternal Flame keeping the memory of the Genocide victims alive.

In 1995 the Museum and Institute was built nearby the monument commemorating the 80th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Since 1967, every year on April 24 thousands of Armenians visit Tsitsernakaberd to honor the memory of the innocent people who were ruthlessly murdered during Armenian Genocide.

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  • Djoslica Dunja

    - 21 October 2017 -

    Brokes your heart.

  • Temo Machitidze

    - 24 October 2016 -

    I don't know when was this memorial built but it looks too "Soviet" for me, still interesting place to visit and history behind this memorial is so sad

  • مهسا محق

    - 10 September 2016 -

    There is a museum which you may visit free but I was told that there are very sad pictures of people which have been killed

  • Beh Noosh

    - 04 June 2016 -

    I believe it is good to visit...and you can get a free tour if you are more than 5!

  • Katiiii Miss

    - 10 April 2016 -

    ارمنستان با كشور تركيه بر سر كشتار ارامنه در زمان امپراطورى عثمانى و با كشور آذربايجان بر سر قره باغ روابط بسيار تيره اى داره و شايد همين مسايل باعث عدم پيشرفت و مهاجرتشون عمدتاً به روسيه ميشه ...

  • Katiiii Miss

    - 07 April 2016 -

    اينجا بانوى سالمند و مهربانى به نام هگين خاجاريان ، اگر اشتباه نكنم ، را ديديم كه شاعر بودند و برامون چند آواز زيبا را پراحساس اجرا كردتد و گفتند اجراى اشعارشون را در يوتيوب ميتونيم ببينيم !! 💝

  • Katiiii Miss

    - 02 April 2016 -

    مردم ارمنستان مردم بسيار تميز ، منظم ، هنرمند و قانونمندى هستن كاش دولتشون در امور جاده سازى و معيشت مردم بيشتر همت كنه ... چون اين مردم ارزش بهترينها را دارن ...💝

  • Katiiii Miss

    - 02 April 2016 -

    به اميد روزى كه همه مسايل و مشكلات با گفتگو و عادلانه حل و فصل بشه و دوستى و اعتماد بين ملتها روز به روز افزايش پيدا كنه ...

  • Ayhan Hayıroğlu

    - 03 February 2016 -

    As a Turkish citizen, i liked the memorial and well-organized information and photographs inside the museum.

  • Ria Laenen

    - 19 December 2015 -

    A must stop in Yerevan to pay tribute to the victims. I was very moved by my visit to this place of remembrance.

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