Vernissage Market

Northern Avenue 6/2, Yerevan


Vernissage Market is an open air market place located not far from the Republic Square in Yerevan. This is the main location to find all kinds of handmade goods and art pieces symbolizing Armenian history and culture. Traditional dolls, jazzves, wood crafted art and ceramics are all showcased in Vernissage.

The marketplace connects Hanrapetutyan and Khanjyan streets dispersed on 350 meter long Aram and Byuzand streets. The marketplace began operating in 1980s when the local artists brought their art work here to exhibit and sell. The exhibition-market expanded over the recent years becoming a major tourist attraction in the city. The now vast collections exhibited include carved wood, paintings, traditional handmade carpets, books and even musical instruments. There is basically nothing you won’t find when taking a stroll in Vernissage Market.

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Open Hours:

  • Mon

    07:00 - 18:00

  • Tue

    07:00 - 18:00

  • Wed

    07:00 - 18:00

  • Thu

    07:00 - 18:00

  • Fri

    07:00 - 18:00

  • Sat

    07:00 - 18:00

  • Sun

    07:00 - 18:00

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  • shahul hameed

    - 04 March 2018 -

    Very close to Yerevan Central. open market. get lot of old numismatic items. Best for people looking for antiques and silvers. Fit for bargain buyers, normally can ask for 40% less from their price.

  • AmirHossein Mokhtari

    - 10 February 2018 -

    A great place to buy Armenian souvenir.

  • D T

    - 20 January 2018 -

    **BOTH PHOTOS THAT I HAVE UPLOADED ARE PICTURES OF VERNISSAGE 2016- PREVIOUS YEARS, TO SHOW YOU AN EXAMPLE OF HOW DATED AND COMPLICATED IT LOOKED TO CHECK WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE NOW CHECK OUT THE ORIGINAL POSTS OR PICTURES POSTED BY OTHER LOCAL GUIDES** Amazing place, In 2017 the market got redesigned with a fresh vintage look, you definitely feel like you're in a western European city. It used to be really old and complicated. Now there is a park and a relatively good place to spend some time relaxing at noon times or shopping some souvenir gifts for relatives and friends who live abroad. If you visit Yerevan, you must visit this popular landmark.

  • roopa rosario

    - 19 January 2018 -

    Huge flee market great place to buy souvenirs, paintings and much more...

  • Jacques Brjestovsky

    - 21 November 2017 -

    Great place to shop for Armenian souvenirs. You'll find Chess tables, carpets, painting, antiques, musical instruments, local craft and so on. If you don't drop by and check it out, you will never forgive yourself.

  • Marine Marorganic

    - 02 November 2017 -

    Great place to buy Armenian souvenirs of good quality from artisans: wooden and silver jewelry, cutlery, carpets, dishes, books not expensive and tax-free.

  • steven ang

    - 15 October 2017 -

    Awesome open market! Went there on a sunday and it was really lively with lots of different items for sale, beautiful paintings, jewelries, real gemstones and woodcrafts. A must visit if you ever find yourself in Yerevan.

  • Bahareh

    - 10 July 2017 -

    A nice walk through a local market full of souvenirs but quite expensive. You need be a good negotiator to bargain a good price.

  • Bita Kazeminejad

    - 16 June 2017 -

    You can find everything here. This is the traditional bazaar of armenia. Beautiful jeweley made out of silver

  • Zarema Nur

    - 07 May 2017 -

    ТОРГУЙТЕСЬ!!!! Украшения отличные можно найти!!

  • Marina Gorshkova

    - 04 May 2017 -

    Рынок работает каждый день с 10:00. В будни торговцев гораздо меньше. За сувенирами сюда, выбор очень большой, есть изделия ручной работы, есть откровенный "китай". Антиквариата практически нет.

  • Flora Matsakyan

    - 01 April 2017 -

    In order to feel the soul of armenians you should definitely visit this place and buy smth.

  • Asia Khilova

    - 14 October 2016 -

    Нужно несколько часов, чтобы все осмотреть и выбрать подарки и сувениры, много вещей ручной работы, украшения, шарфы, сумочки, живопись. Отличное место

  • Sergio Yan

    - 11 September 2016 -

    Куча сувенирчиков и изделий ручной работы. Супер👍🏻

  • مهسا محق

    - 10 September 2016 -

    Like all flea markets; a mixture of everything, more expensive than I expected. Bargain a lot!

  • Tina M

    - 22 July 2016 -

    Handmade crafts with so much to explore. Be careful with what you buy and bargain !

  • Hoora Vakili

    - 21 March 2016 -

    Hand made and second hand bazaar, you can find everything there :))

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