Yerevan Cascade

10 Tamanyan Street, Yerevan


Yerevan Cascade is a stairway which links two important parts of the city; Center and Monument. It is the most popular area both for the locals and for the tourists. The design of the stairway and the surrounding area is a successful mixture of innovative solutions and traditional, historical details.
The construction of Cascade was completed in 1980 by the most outstanding Armenian architects. Inside the construction Cafesjian Museum of Art is situated. It has several halls connected to each other by escalators. Part of the museum is free of charge. Outside, along the open air stairway, on different levels of construction, there are many fountains and sculptures. The statue of smoking woman and the huge cat are housed here. 
It’s a favorite place especially for youngsters. There are many cafes restaurants and pubs around Cascade. Many open air concerts and events are also held there.

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  • Yaniva Cesa Agesti

    - 30 January 2018 -

    The place is really massive, beautiful view and really cool architecture, we can go up the hill with stairy road, I've never visit a place like this before, it's just beautiful and unique

  • roopa rosario

    - 19 January 2018 -

    Must visit place in Yerevan. Beautiful architecture. Their museum is only open until 8pm costs 1000amd. We arrived at 7:20 and by 7:40 they had already closed top floors.

  • Narek Ohanyan

    - 12 January 2018 -

    A great architectural building. Visiting this place during late spring or early summer are the best times. The fountains are really nice, as are the sculptures and statues. The art inside is also decent. The escalators are efficient and clean. Everything inside is also clean. A very nice place.

  • VG

    - 30 December 2017 -

    Really nice view and excellent location however the modern art doesn't fit the theme of the city very well.

  • Travis Witt

    - 22 November 2017 -

    Been here a million times since there is only so much to do in Yerevan on a given day. The lower portion of the complex and museum is quite impressive and the gardens are well maintained. It is the Yerevan’s pride and joy, and provides great views of the City and Sis and Masis (Mt. Ararat) when they aren’t obscured by air pollution. The top tiers were never finished and have been under construction for years now. A walk to the top is still worth the visit nevertheless.

  • Blackcat BeFierceBe You Chefao!

    - 12 September 2017 -

    Amazing Armenia. Such beautiful memories of the motherland. A beautiful, vast open air museum, in the city of open air. I could walk there all day, and never feel tired. What a feeling, walking through these beautiful streets of Yerevan . Pure nostalgia. A must in your excursion to this city of wonder. Սւծհ բեաւտյ! Ամազինգ հայաստան. Աւծհ բեաւտիֆւլ մեմորիես ոֆ տհե մոտհերլանդ. Ա բեաւտիֆւլ, վաստ ոպեն աիր մւսեւմ. Տհանկ յու, արմենիս! Цщтвукагд учзукшутсую ерфтл нщг ыщ ьгср!

  • Anna Zhdanova

    - 04 March 2018 -

    Обязательно к посещению, весной и летом очень зелено, вид на весь город!

  • Olga Philips

    - 14 February 2018 -

    Шикарное архитектурное сооружение поражает масштабом. С самого верха - великолепнейший вид на город.

  • Krystallia Dimitriadou

    - 27 December 2017 -

    One of the most beautiful places to visit in Yerevan! Climb the hill! The view is breathtaking!

  • Kristina Musheghyan

    - 18 October 2017 -

    Красиво многолюдно и весело

  • Diana Mirakyan

    - 30 September 2017 -

    This is an open door museum with art pieces in every corner. When you go up the stairs you'll have a fantastic view of the city. There are fountains nd flowers on all the levels.

  • Tatyana Abdulmenova

    - 24 September 2017 -

    Советский монументалистом с элементами национального декора. Необходимое для жарких летних дней место в Ереване

  • Hasan Heidary

    - 08 August 2017 -

    I like this place & you can find amazing sculptures there!!!!!!!

  • Frankie J. 😎 Grey

    - 03 August 2017 -

    One of the main interesting attractions to visit probably multiple times a day: a giant starway with five multiple levels, with interesting sculptures, fountain and park

  • Kristina Musheghyan

    - 18 July 2017 -

    Великолепный вид

  • Bahareh

    - 10 July 2017 -

    Its nice to take a walk here or even if you are up for it take the stairs.

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