The Opera and Ballet National Academic Theater of Armenia is of symbolic value to Armenians located in the heart of the capital city. The structure is an architectural masterpieces designed by widely famous architect Alexander Tamanyan.

The opera is situated in the Freedom Square, which is home to huge statues of the most famous Armenian individuals. The square is always crowded and lively. Many cafes are situated in the area. It is also popular place for family and kids attractions.

The Opera was opened in Yerevan in January 1933. The magnificent façade of the establishment and its grandiose interior parallel it to a world class opera house.

The Opera and Ballet Theatre is named after Alexander Spendarian. Today the Opera is at its peak. A number of notable creators of ballet and performers are found on this stage. There are two concert halls in the opera building: the Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall with 1,400 seats and the Alexander Spendarian Opera and Ballet National Theatre with 1,200 seats. This iconic landmark is a must see when you are in Armenia.

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  • Nurseit Niyazbekov

    - 22 August 2018 -

    Nice place to visit with a beautiful round shaped opera house building (not sure). This is where all the major city events are held. Quite touristy but also good to see some locals and socialize. Good for coming with kids as there are lots of entertainment for them. Area is walkable in general and you can get to other attractions from here easily.

  • Nils Sjöberg

    - 13 August 2018 -

    All the people selling some stuff is annoying but the place is clean and nice. The building has cute lights in the evenings.

  • Hooman Khozaee Nezhad

    - 31 July 2018 -

    The square was originally named after Ivan Paskevich. The location was first named Freedom Square in 1918, during the foundation of the First Georgian Republic. Freedom Square was the site of the 1907 Tiflis bank robbery.

  • Amir A.

    - 29 July 2018 -

    At some point, every visitor to Yerevan needs to make up their mind: Which is their favorite square, Republic or Freedom? Republic is visually more impressive, but Freedom has more character. Republic is mostly a passive experience; but Freedom is bustling with places to eat and perhaps an opera to watch.

  • Martik Panosian

    - 20 July 2018 -

    It was awesome for the first time visit and getting better for next visits!

  • Mohammad Ma'ruf

    - 19 June 2018 -

    Here is the location of Opera House. The perfect place to spend time in the morning and afternoon.

  • ghazal aghaei

    - 27 March 2018 -

    Beautiful square with great cafes. If you are fan of hooka you can find it there easily. But unfortunately fountain doesn't work in winter and early spring

  • Ken Manriquez

    - 23 January 2018 -

    summer and dpting are the best times to visit

  • Samvel Martirosyan

    - 08 December 2017 -

    In Soviet Union times it was Opera square because of Opera building. At 1988 the Karabakh movement was started on this square. The movement not only caused independence of Karabakh but also was one of the reason of collapsing of Soviet Union and independence of Armenia. From that times it is called Freedom square. Now it is also political actions center. But usually it is just a promenade place :)

  • Financial Advisor

    - 21 November 2017 -

    i was so facinated with the culture and historical landmarks here in Yereven Armenia especially the freedom square which syambolizes the freedom of armenia to different generations.

  • Anatoly N

    - 31 October 2016 -

    Вход в филармонию с севера

  • Temo Machitidze

    - 26 October 2016 -

    During day and night this place is different, don't forget to see both views. Night is romantic and beautiful here 👍🏼

  • Asia Khilova

    - 14 October 2016 -

    Отправная точка-самый центр города. Ставят отличный балет Спартак

  • Tomasz Ganicz

    - 02 September 2016 -

    Very nice building.

  • Kristine Kolyan

    - 05 May 2016 -

    Я в восторге от балета 😊💃🎼

  • Katiiii Miss

    - 09 April 2016 -

    شنبه شبها معمولاً ساعت هفت بعد از ظهر ، برنامه ها و كنسرتهاى خيلى خوبى با حضور اركسترها ، هنرمندان و اساتيد موسيقى برگزار ميشه كه آثار زيبا و ارزشمند جهانى و محلى را اجرا ميكنن ... قيمتها خوبه ....

  • Pooriya Delir

    - 15 November 2015 -

    Beautiful opera house

  • Mariam Bagdasaryan

    - 06 November 2015 -

    Мое любимое место в городе

  • Sara Mirfakhraei

    - 26 June 2015 -

    Amazing. We went their to watch Spartacus Ballet. We saw inside of the opera house, it was fascinating as well as the show. Its very good to see at least one program during your stay in Yerevan.

  • Kristina Musheghyan

    - 15 February 2015 -


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