Ibirapuera Park

Avenida Pedro Alvares Cabral, Sao Paulo


Ibirapuera Park locally known as Parque Ibirapuera is a large park in downtown Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is one of the largest all over Latin America. It is a perfect natural surrounding at heart of the city to relax from the hustle of Sao Paulo. The park also hosts music concerts and museums. Its often compared to New York's Central Park.

Ibirapuera Park hosts following attraction you might be interested in:

  • Monument of Pedro Alvares Cabral- Monument dedicated to the first European to discover Brazil. It says “Brazilians owe everything to Portugal.”
  • Lake Ibirapuera- It is the highlight of the park. The lake has a central fountain that functions all year round. There is an iron footbridge on the lake that is a popular place for visitors to take pictures.
  • Dog Park- It is an animal-friendly park with grassy area, where dogs can play around freely.
  • Afro-Brazilian Museum- The museum represents the African impact on Brazilian history, art, and society. It exhibits more than 6,000 objects with paintings, sculptures, photos, documents dating back to 15th century.
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  • Sean Richins

    - 03 September 2018 -

    Ibirapuera Park was so enjoyable. The park is so large and is such a good escape from the crazy busyness of the rest of the city. There are lots of great paths for running or walking and there are bike rentals at the gate that give you a great way to explore the beautiful park and get in some exercise.

  • Jason Shih

    - 28 August 2018 -

    It is a good park on a day with nice weather. Beautiful trees with green and pink colors, convenient but not imposing stands selling coconut water, and you see many different couples picnicking there on a nice spot. It was a great place to visit for a few hours. The place is actually not that large. We walked the whole loop in about an hour, but it was a very enjoyable time.

  • Pierre Tappon

    - 20 August 2018 -

    A nice way to cycle and get some fresh air. I only put four stars as I have been to better parks. Nice place to walk relax, eat or chase pokemon it seems.

  • Charlie Shread

    - 16 August 2018 -

    Ibirapuera Park is a big and busy park. There's a lot of space to move around and a lot of people to see and meet. It is a bustling spot, where you will see people working out in the outdoor exercise frames, skateboarders whizzing past and hundreds of families having a good time. There are times when it is less busy and the park feels much more spacious. It is an ideal place to hang out and have a good time

  • Renato Kovarish

    - 31 July 2018 -

    A nice place to practice a great variety of sports, but also walk calmly. It is also a great place to take your dog for a walk. Your pet will be able to run free, exercise, and socialize with other dogs. You will also find a planetarium there, with presentations for all ages. The only problem I see is that the park is very crowded during weekends, and it makes it difficult to park on the premises. I recommend you to go by Cabify or public transportation.

  • Caco Portela

    - 26 July 2018 -

    Se tu procuras um lugar para relaxar, meditar e ler um livro, não vá ao Parque do Ibirapuera. Assim como a maior capital da América latina, o parque é extremamente lotado, mesmo logo cedo. Aglomeração, barulho e ritmos intensos são comuns no Parque, onde difícil encontrar um lugar com mais de 5 metros onde não haja alguém falando alto, jogando bola, ouvindo pancadão, ou tocando bumbo e tamborim. Excelente, então, para tomadas aérea de drones, caso tenhas um. Porém, podes ficar sem ele se por azar, vier a cair, descontrolado. Enfim, é uma das praias do paulistano, depois da Paulista do Haddad e dos shoppings.

  • Eric Steadman

    - 11 July 2018 -

    A beautiful park in the center of São Paulo. The bike rental is very affordable and you don't have to pre-pay. It's a big park with lots of space for walking, running, or biking. Didn't try the museums, but there are a few interesting ones you can visit, but there is an entrance fee.

  • Moana Waikato

    - 05 July 2018 -

    It's a beautiful place but very massive!!! You could get lost in the place haha but you can always find a way out. A nice place to ride bikes, scooters, rollerskates and walk around. Also a nice place for families and picnics in the park and much more.

  • David M

    - 23 June 2018 -

    Do yourself a favour and enjoy the park in the early morning when it is dead quiet and the morning clouds hover above and then come back in the mid afternoon when it is absolutely teaming with life! It’s so much fun with plenty of great places to enjoy the views or watch the countless skateboarders and cyclists whirl by.

  • Flavia Tolusso

    - 20 June 2018 -

    Wonderful park! Lots of activities going on there. Basketball, rollerskating, dog area, bicycles for rent, exercise equipment, running track, quiet spots good for everyone. Very busy on Sundays.

  • John Kaweske

    - 24 May 2018 -

    Wonderful park. Great place for a tourist to take a break in Sao Paulo. Safe place.

  • Helio Medeiros

    - 14 April 2018 -

    Not easy to access it if you miss the right entrance when walking

  • Paula PV

    - 21 December 2017 -

    Best park in SP.

  • Andre Leandro

    - 26 September 2017 -

    Pessoas alegria

  • gilson alves

    - 11 September 2017 -

    Let's go Ibirapuera.

  • Luiz Gustavo Mori

    - 16 August 2017 -

    I really enjoyed.

  • Izabel da Costa

    - 07 August 2017 -

    Joe Satriani ontem

  • A Nady

    - 29 July 2017 -

    Very Good views

  • Lúcia Morganti

    - 22 June 2017 -


  • Enrico Tausz 🎉

    - 06 May 2017 -

    The place is very pleasant!

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